Marvel Zombies Funko Pops Rise with Wolverine and Deapool

During one of this year's Toy Fair events, Funko showed fans upcoming collectibles for Marvel Zombies. It was even more surprising when Funko officially announced them during their Funkoween event this summer. Some of these Funko Pops have already started to hit shelves in-store so we decided to snag them up and see what all the hype is about. We were definitely looking forward to getting our hands on these figures with four commons released and a nice variety of retailer exclusives. We will only be looking at the two of the common Funko Marvel Zombies Pops this time with Wolverine and Deadpool. Let's not wait any longer and start this rave from the grave with this Marvel Zombies Funko Pop review.


The boxes for these Funko Pops are nicely designed and show the classic Marvel Comics Marvel Zombies logo displayed at the top. The graphics show off handprints with an eerie tone that adds a nice effect to the whole package. I honestly was not sure what we would expect when getting our hands on these figures but man Funko did an excellent job. From all the gruesome detail that Funko put into these Marvel Zombies, Pop fans will definitely want to get their hands on these bad boys. We are first going to look at Wolverine, as you could see he is decaying with his adamantium skeleton is being shown underneath. It was definitely unique to see Wolverine's right hand completely peeled away exposing that metal arm underneath. The detail on his decaying suit and face show the new heights Funko is taking and a worthy collectible for any fan.


Deadpool is next and he is one of the happier zombies of the set showing his cheerful expression. He is holding his right hand in his left hand as green goo drips down. Marvel Zombies fans are also greeted with a half rotting Wade Wilson face and a torn Deadpool mask. His detail is pretty intense as we get cuts and even a katana stuck inside his body. This wave of Funko Pops that really stands apart from the rest from the simple fact of all the zombie-died details. Cuts, stabs, goo, rotting parts, and more will make these great for horror, zombie, and Marvel fans. I would not be surprised if we got DCeased Pops later on if these collectible zombies really kick off. Some of these Marvel Zombies Pops can be found in-store now and can be located online here. What heroes or villains would you guys like to see get Pop versions next?


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