Marvel's 80th Anniversary Iron Man Marvel Legends Figure [REVIEW]

Marvel Comics' 80th Anniversary is here and the number of new collectibles to celebrate the occasion. While the normal Legends figures run you about $20, this series was $25. Hasbro released two other figures in the line: Thor and Captain America. The Captain America figure is a Walmart Exclusive and has been quite elusive lately. I was able to get my hands on the Iron Man though. This is my review of the Iron Man 80th Anniversary Figure:

Right off the bat, the packaging is different than the other Marvel Legend figures. The black box gives me Black Series Star Wars figure vibes but it is bold and stands out. Iron Man comes with three heads total; two Iron Man hands and one Tony Stark head. The heads were nicely detailed and painted great. No scuff marks or any issues with the figure I picked up. Tony Stark's head gives us comic fans the older stylings of the character before Robert Downey Jr. made him famous.

You get two sets of hands; one set closed fist and the other open-handed for repulser blasts. One minor detail that I love is the closed fist shows a little bit of the repulser design. It's the little things that matter and this one shows it. Lastly, you get a set of hand blaster effects as well as foot blaster effects. Each one fit in it's respected the place and was tight enough to not fall out so that gets huge brownie points.

For the Marvel figure itself, it was very well made. The only issue I had was the head was a pain to get off like stuck almost but just a twist and it came off. The articulation was excellent! The knee joints, chest, arms and best of all the ankle pieces. That's my key for a great action figure oddly enough. The ankle pieces are one of the most important parts, it holds the post and can get you the correct pose you want and it did just that! The older armor style with Tony's head is nostalgic for comics I read as a kid and i cant wait to display him more.

Hasbro put alot of time and effort for these 80th Anniversary figures. Iron Man is sturdy and articulated to perfection and does the character justice. If you're a fan of Iron Man, Marvel Legends or just a great action here this is easily a great choice. I can't wait ot check out Thor and if I am lucky enough, Captain America! They are available for you to own today, you can get on in most retail stores now or snag one up here. Don't just take my word about it, go check one out for yourself!

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