Masters of the Universe Origins Kol Darr Arrive at Mattel Creations 

Mattel Creations does it again as it gives Masters of the Universe collectors a new limited edition Origins release. Coming straight out of the 111th episode of the widely popular Masters of the Universe cartoon, He-Man's old friend Kol Darr returns. Featngthat classic Origins design, modern articulation has been incorporated into his design and he will come with an axe. His cartoon design makes a return, and this will be a must-own figure for any Masters of the Universe line. Origins Kol Darr from Mattel Creations is priced at $17.00, limited to 5 per person, and can be found here. 

If the listing is sold out by the time this article goes live then do not worry and be sure to stay away from third-party reseller. We have seen multiple Masters of the Universe Origins figures hit Mattel Creations, and there is nearly always a restock. Even the popular and limited Origins Comic Tri-Klops made a return with it being up for quite some time, so be sure to bookmark Kol Darr's page. 

"Masters of the Universe Origins Kol Darr – Kol Darr joins the fight for Eternia! Introduced in the "Double Trouble" episode, Kol Darr is one of He-Man's old friends. He's lured into a trap by Skeletor who makes an evil double of him at a failed attempt to steal Castle Grayskull's secrets. Kol Darr is replicated again, but this time as a trusty ally to join your collection. This first ever Kol Darr action figure looks like the animated original with his horned helmet, iconic accessories, and a new belt design to match the other collectibles in the MOTU Origins line."

  • MOTU Origins Kol Darr Action Figure
  • 5 inches tall, can stand alone
  • Replicated to look just like the animated original
  • Comes with a sword, axe, and removable chest armor
  • 16 points of articulation for battle-worthy poses
  • Includes mini comic
  • An old ally joins the fight for Eternia!

For the first time ever, we made a Kol Darr figure straight from the original MOTU Cartoon. Introduced in the 111th episode, "Double Trouble," Kol Darr is one of He-Man's old friends."

While he only appeared in one episode, Kol Darr makes for an imposing figure in your MOTU collection. Sporting the classic look from his cartoon debut, this figure features detailed gauntlets and a new belt-design to look more in-line with our other MOTU Origins figures."

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