Masters of the Universe Trap Jaw Brings Some Heat to Iron Studios 

The villains are rising up as Iron Studios reveals yet another Masters of the Universe statue. Iron Studios is pretty new to the world of Eternia, and they have knocked it out of the park. We have already seen plenty of heroes join the fight with He-man, Man-At-Arms, Stratos, as well as Teela and Orko. However, things are getting quite villainess a the deadly and popular Masters of the universe baddie Trap Jaw. Skeletor's right hand man is back and ready to take on He-Man all by himself with a beautifully crafted 11" tall 1/10 Art Scale statue. Trap Jaw features a more realistic take on the Masters of the Universe character, and even comes with swappable arms. Besides the eye popping color, Trap Jaw features his classic metal arm and blaster arm to take down Eternia. Masters of the Universe fan can pre-order one right here for $169.99 and a Q3 2023 release. 

Iron Studios Unleashes the Power of Trap Jaw

"Pragmatic and observant, the wizard of weapons member of the evil warriors of Eternia, and one of Skeletor's main minions, stands over a rocky pedestal, armed for combat with his mechanical arm and his crushing jaw, with sharp teeth and a deadly bite, the unmistakable figure stands out in the battleground not only because of his technological resources and combat skills, but also because of his warlike creations in the form of artifacts, weapons, vehicles, and all other instruments of destruction created for his master and allies."

"Expanding Skeletor's evil forces in their collection, Iron Studios bring the statue "Trap Jaw BDS – Masters of the Universe – Art Scale 1/10", with the weapon expert cyborg warrior, and enemy of He-Man and the other heroic warriors of Eternia. Meticulously reproducing down to the tiniest details inspired by his classical portrayal, Iron Studios bring Trap Jaw's statue with the option of an interchangeable extra arm, making it available for the collectors to choose between a powerful laser gun or his deadly hook. "

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