McFarlane Toys Finally Teases DC Comics Catwoman Multiverse Figure

It was only last year when Todd McFarlane that no one wanted a female action figure. This was a low blow for many DC Comics fans as we have plenty of Superman and Batman figures, and we want more. We are not asking for more Flash or Green Lanterns but a variety of iconic and popular heroes. DC Comics heroes like Poison Ivy, Batgirl, Harley Quinn, and Zatanna have really started to gain some popularity in recent years. Popularity means profit, and the best way to give fans what they want is new collectibles. The DC Multiverse line is an incredible line of figures, and besides the lack of female figures, they really are some of the best DC Comics collectibles around. To make things even better, fans are finally getting a comic book-accurate version of Catwoman as  McFarlane Toys teases their latest DC Multiverse release. 

That is right, Catwoman is coming to life right out of the popular 90s Batman comic arc Knightfall, as this feline is about to witness the breaking of the Bat. This marks the fourth Catwoman (including DC Retro) that has debuted with McFarlane Toys. We have seen versions of Selina Kyle from Batman: Arkham City, Batman 1966, as well as from The Batman. This is a figure I have been waiting for her classic DC Comics design is beautifully recreated here. We do not get a full reveal, but it looks like the side-eye is fixed, her purple catsuit returns, and will include a whip. Hopefully, we can start to see more DC Comics ladies arrive in the future, and with a Batman: Hush figure already teased, a Poison Ivy is very likely. While pre-order information is unknown at this time, fans can find all things McFarlane Toys right here in the meantime. 

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