Spawn Remastered Kickstarter Figure Gets Update From Todd McFarlane

Spawn fans should start to get excited as Todd McFarlane gives fans the biggest update yet regarding their Remastered Kickstarter figure. The McFarlane Toys crowdfunding Spawn figure launched back in April 2020 and hit nearly 3.5 million dollars and over 27,000 backers. Since the campaign closed, Todd McFarlane himself has been updating fans on the figure's progress, and this newest update is the best one yet. Spawn fans get an up-close look at the packaging of the figure and the look at the figure and some accessories. McFarlane does not show us everything in the box, but he does give us a glimpse at what our reactions will look like (see below).

From amazing detail, articulation, packing perfection, and so much more, this is the figure Spawn fans have been dying for. McFarlane even gives fans a lot at the inner packing of Spawn, which is pretty amazing. The packing will snap on and off, letting fans reseal their figure. The comic book will have its own tray and sleek allowing fans to read it and seal it back up in with the figure. A lot of thought by McFarlane Toys was put Ito this figure, and we all can not wait to see what else is in store for us.

Todd McFarlane ended the update with the most important news of all, shipping. Due to the worldwide pandemic, the figure is slightly off track by roughly 9 days, which shifts the original shipping date. The Spawn Remastered Kickstarter figure is not set to release its first patch in the first week of December. It sounds like shipping will be direct from their factories, so let's hope these figures make it all safe and sound. This is one figure from McFarlane Toys that I and fans have been dying for, and that time is just around the corner. I am sure we will get another update or two that let us know when the first figures are released. Check out the full video here and check out all the updates and more about the original figure here

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