McFarlane Toys Gives a New Update on the Spawn Kickstarter

Todd McFarlane continues to update fans on the current positions of the Spawn Remastered figure. He has given fans some new up-close pictures of some factory prototypes of the figure. The first image is an up-close look of some of the detail on Spawn from the knees up. The sculpting is definitely coming together and it is nice to see the normal head on him. We do know that the chains will be metal in the final product and not plastic as that was one of the backing upgrades. McFarlane Toys also showed off a look as some of the prototype parts with an Al Simmons head, body, hands, and legs. Each one shows off that the team working hard and making sure the figure is just right before it hits our shelves.

Spawn fans can check out the video Todd McFarlane uploaded showcasing some of the joint movements here. It is great that McFarlane Toys and the creator continue to share updates with the creation of the figure. There are a lot of fans waiting for this figure as the Kickstarter campaign ended with 23,761 backers and made $3,447,390. It will be nice to see the fully painted mock-up when it is ready and we can't wait. Spawn still has some time left as he is not expected to release until November 2020. If you missed the original launch of the figure then make sure you check third party markets this Fall.

"Folks! Last week I did a video showing you some of the parts we got in from our factories so I wanted to give you a closer look at the ones I talked about. I also wanted to show you some up close details of the figure. I can't WAIT to show you folks what it looks like all painted! – Todd McFarlane"

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