Midnight Suns Blade Slays the Night with New 1:3 Scale Statue from PCS

Blade is back and ready to slay the night and hordes of vampires with PCS Collectibles and their newest Gamerverse 1:3 scale statue 

Emerging from the dark side of Marvel Comics, Blade is back are ready to take on the creatures that go bump in the night. Premium Collectibles Studio has just unveiled that Blade is joining their line-up of Gamerverse statues. This version of the Daywalker comes from the recent tactical RPG game Marvel's Midnight Suns. Coming in at a whopping 31" tall, Blade takes on a horde of deadly vampires and is not holding back. The statue is packed with customization pieces with a variety of vampire slaying weapons from stakes, blades, and his trusty sword. On top of that, PCS has also included two different head sculpts, including a more aggressive vampire sculpt. A lot of time, effort, color, detail, and love was put into this Midnight Suns statue, and it comes in at a whopping $1,395. Pre-orders are already live right here, with the Daywalker set to arrive in Marvel fans' collections in November 2023. 

Take on the Night with PCS's New Blade 1:3 Statue 

"You think this is crazy, wait until you see Manhattan." – Sideshow and Premium Collectibles Studio present the Blade 1:3 Scale Statue, emerging from the shadows to join the roster of Marvel Gamerverse collectibles. Based on the Daywalker's appearance in the exciting tactical RPG Marvel's Midnight Suns, the Blade 1:3 Scale Statue measures 31" tall and 20" wide. The dynamic dhampir leaps into battle against a horde of bat-like bloodsuckers, using every weapon at his disposal to send them back to the grave."

"His lethal silver arsenal includes a swap-out left arm wielding a glaive, a swap-out right arm brandishing a sword, and left and right arms gripping pointed stakes. The Blade Statue is fully sculpted to capture the character's armored video game look in action. Numerous detailed textures bring the costume to life, from the leather-like black and red trench coat to the scuffed and dented bulletproof body covering. Blade includes two different portraits for display — one snarling expression and one yelling expression, each complete with his signature red shades."

""he six vampires beneath his boots are all designed with veiny, monstrous physiques complete with terrifying ears, eyes, and teeth. Several even feature scorch marks on their bodies as Eric Brooks makes short work of his fanged foes. Bring some fresh blood to your Marvel collection and stake your claim on the Blade 1:3 Scale Statue by Premium Collectibles Studio today!"

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