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Black Panther Sits On His Throne with New PCS Collectibles 
PCS Collectibles is putting Black Panther back in the spotlight with a gorgeous, pricey, and massive 1:3 scale statue The King of Wakanda is back and sitting on his throne with this 37.5" tall statue capturing the king's design from the game.  Marvel fans will be able to display T'Challa with or without his helmet, which[...]
It is Time to Awaken Zero as PCS Debuts New MegaMan X Zero Statue 
Well, things get a little more interesting as it looks like it is time for Maverick Hunter Zero to arrive with not one but two 1/4 scale statues from PCS Collectibles The statue will follow the same format as the previous Mega Man X Statues statue starting with the standard release showing off his red[...]
TMNT Legends Raphael 1:3 Scale Statue Arrives from PCS Collectibles
PCS Collectibles is celebrating their own versions of the turtles with a seeming combination of some of the many iconic appearances Raphael is crawling up from the sewer this time with a highly detailed and impressive 1:3 scale 21" tall statue.  This feisty TMNT brother is showcased with scars and scratches as well, standing above the[...]
Awaken Mega Man X Once Again with PCS Collectibles New Statue 
PCS Collectibles is taking fans of the series back to the 1993 spin-off game with two incredibly highly detailed statues.  Two Mega Man X statues have been revealed featuring a pre-built version of the android The first statue is limited to 600 pieces and comes in at 17" tall, featuring his blue design and robotic limbs[...]
Captain America Rallies the Avengers with New PCS Collectibles Statue 
Captain America is ready to take on Ultron's army all by himself if needed as PCS Collectibles debuts their next statue This version of Cap comes to us featuring the First Avenger's appearance in the mobile RPG video game Marvel's Future Revolution A new suit is featured here with elements from the film, comics, and[...]
Thanos Enters the Contest of Champion with PCS Collectibles
It is time to bow before the might of Thanos once again as PCS Collectibles debuts their newest Marvel statue This version of the Mad Titan comes to us from the hit mobile game Marvel's Contest of Champions This massive statue is nothing to joke about as it comes in at a massive 34" tall,[...]
Krang Returns as Sideshow and PCS Debut Their Newest TMNT Statue
It looks like Sideshow and PCS Collectibles want to join in on the fun as they debut their newest Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles statue with the arrival of Krang on a 1/4 scale Coming in at 22" tall, Krang is back and in his android body with impressive animated cel detail and colors Two versions[...]
WWE The Undertaker The Modern Phenom Statue Arrives from PCS
The Undertaker has arisen and is ready to take him ether belt as PCS Collectibles debuts their newest WWE statue Coming in at 26" tall, this 1:4 scale statue features the WWE Superstar in all of his glory The Deadman is ready for his next victim and is shown in his long black trench coat[...]
Ghost Face Slays Again with New Scream Statue from PCS Collectibles 
PCS Collectibles has revealed their new 1:3 Scale Statue as Ghost Face is on the hunt once again with this deadly 29.5" tall statue Breaking through a window, this killer features fabric and sculpted elements with added wiring for customizable posing Scream fans will fall in love with the iconic mask, and Sideshow Collectibles even[...]
Street Fighter Chun-Li Prepares for Her Wedding with PCS Collectibles
PCS Collectibles does it again as they reveal their newest Street Fighter DLC Costume statues Coming in at 15.5 inches tall, Chun-Li is back and is ready to walk down the aisle with her Street Fighter V DLC wedding dress costume Featuring a faithfully recreated costume from the hit fighting game, Chun-Li is showcased in[...]
Green Goblin Brings the Pain with New PCS Collectibles 1:6 Statue
Watch out, Spider-Man, Green Goblin is back in town as PCS Collectibles reveals their newest 1:6 Scale Diorama This version of the iconic Spidey villain comes to us from the hit mobile RPG game, Marvel Future Revolution Standing 19" tall, Green Goblin is shown on his glider as he takes to the skies with a[...]
Enhance Your Rocky Collection with this Ivan Drago PCS Statue
The powerful and deadly Ivan Drago has entered the ring once again as PCS Collectibles reveals their newest Rocky statue Standing 28" tall, this powerhouse comes to life like never before with an incredible sculpt that captures the likeness of Dolph Lundgren perfectly The 1:3 scale statue features him in fabric trucks and will also[...]
Lady Death Shows Her Deadly Beauty with PCS Collectibles
The seductive power of Lady Death arrives as PCS Collectibles reveals their newest Coffin Comics statue Coming in at a massive 30.5" tall, Lady Death is back as Hell gets a little bit sexier with this deadly woman down there PCS captures the beauty of this queen to perfection with her white hair and white[...]
Prince Rides on in with 1:6 Scale Tribute PCS Collectibles Statue
The legacy of the one and only Prince lives on as PCS Collectibles reveals their newest 1:6 scale tribute statue Measuring 10.5" tall and 17.5" high, the music legend rolls on with his signature purple motorcycle and a simple display Prince comes to life right before the fan's eyes with high attention to detail, great[...]
Michael Myers Enters the Silver Screen with New Halloween PCS Statue
PCS Collectibles has revealed a new variant edition to their previous Halloween statue, but this one features a "Silver Screen" black and white deco Standing at 23" tall, this killer is displayed with a bloody knife and placed on a Myers house base Each side of the base shows different panels of his deadly past,[...]
Ghost Rider Brings Fire to the Streets with PCS Collectibles
However, you just can't beat the classic, and PCS Collectibles captures the Ghost Rider in all of this blazing glory with their newts six scale statue Capturing his appearance in the mobile game Marvel Contest of Champions, this diorama statue measures 11.25" tall, and 23.5" wide The Hell Cycle is beautifully sculpted, with Johnny hitting[...]
Rocksteady is Ready to Take On the TMNT with New PCS Statue
Sideshow and PCS Collectibles are back with yet another Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (TMNT) 1:4 scale statue It is time for villainy to reign as Rocksteady is ready for his close-up with his newest statue Standing 16" tall and 13" wide, the TMNT baddie is loaded with animated detail as he wears his camouflage fatigues[...]
Wolverine Receives Marvel Future Fighter Statue from PCS Collectibles
The Marvel Future Fight Wolverine Statue from Sideshow and PCS Collectibles is priced at $1,115 Payment plans are offered, and pre-orders are live and located here, with his getting a November 2022 – January 2023 release date. #gallery-1 { margin: auto; } #gallery-1 .gallery-item { float: left; margin-top: 10px; text-align: center; width: 33%; } #gallery-1 img { border: 2px solid #cfcfcf; } #gallery-1 .gallery-caption { margin-left: 0; } /* see gallery_shortcode()[...]
Leatherface Wear His Pretty Woman Mask in New PCS Collectibles Statue
It is time for family dinner night as Sideshow and PCS Collectibles team up for another The Texas Chainsaw Massacre statue Leatherface is back, and this time he is dressing up with the iconic Pretty Woman Mask design from the end of the 1974 film This cannibal is cooking up some tasty treat this time,[...]
PCS Collectibles Reveals New The Texas Chainsaw Massacre Statue
PCS Collectibles and Sideshow are firing up the grill and ready for a cookout as they announce their new collaborative The Texas Chainsaw Massacre statue The Butcher of Texas is back and ready to tenderize his next victim with this incredible highly detailed 29.5" tall massive statue Leatherface is shown charging through the doorway with[...]
It’s Hulkamania Time As PCS Collectibles Reveals New Hulk Hogan Statue
It is time for the Hulkster to make his way into your collection brother as PCS Collectibles unveils their new WWE statue The Hulk Hogan "Hulkamania" 1/4 Scale Statue stands 24.5" tall and features Hogan's classic red and yellow design Hulkamania comes to life with a beautifully sculpted physique, from the outfit tears to his[...]
Street Fighter Hugo and Poison Statue Arrive from PCS Collectibles
Tension in the ring grows as PCS Collectibles has revealed new additions to their incredible 1/4th scale Street Fighter statue series A dynamic duo has arrived to take home the gold with a special Mad Gear Exclusive Set that includes Hugo and Poison This pro wrestling team is back with Pro Wrestler Huge Andore back[...]
Vampirella Seduces the Night With New PCS Collectibles Statue
Pre-orders are already live here, with payment plans also available, so be sure to take advantage if needed. #gallery-1 { margin: auto; } #gallery-1 .gallery-item { float: left; margin-top: 10px; text-align: center; width: 33%; } #gallery-1 img { border: 2px solid #cfcfcf; } #gallery-1 .gallery-caption { margin-left: 0; } /* see gallery_shortcode() in wp-includes/media.php */ Credit: PCS Collectibles Credit: PCS Collectibles Credit: PCS Collectibles "Premium Collectibles Studio presents the Vampirella 1:3 Scale Statue, a scintillating[...]
Miles Morales Spider-Man Saves the Day With PCS Collectibles
Miles Morales is ready for action as PCS Collectibles reveals their new Marvel's Spider-Man: Miles Morales Featuring a similar design to their recently released Advanced Suit Spider-Man statue from Marvel's Spider-Man Miles is swinging into action with this new 14" tall diorama piece with the wreckage of Roxxan at his feet PCS Collectibles captures the[...]