Mr. Freeze Brings in Some Cold Collectibles into Batman Week

Our Batman week continues as we take a trip down the villain alley. Over the years Batman has had a long list of villains like Killer Croc, Joker, Clay Face and of course Mr. Freeze. Dr. Victor Fries's first appearance was in 1959 as Mr. Zero who was created as a simple stock villain for our Caped Crusader. During the iconic Adam West 1966 Batman series, the producers ended up renaming the villain Mr. Freeze. This title followed him over to the comics and even into the iconic Batman: The Animated Series. If you didn't know his history we can give you a quick summary of one of his many origins. Dr. Victor Fries fell in love with a woman named Nora who contracted a fatal illness. He developed a CryoGun that would suspend his beloved into a trance of suspended animation so he could find time for a cure. After some unfortunate events, Nora died an explosion which then transformers Victor's body to where he must wear a cryogenic suit to sustain his body temperature. He then dons the name Mr: Freeze and enacts revenge on anyone involved including Batman. I have always loved the design of his character and a lot of collectibles have captured that classic look. We have found some of our favorite collectibles of this iconic Batman villain that fans can brace the cold for. First up is one of the newest figures to be released from Mezco Toyz. This One:12 collective figure features that iconic cryo-suit that has LED functionality, is highly detailed, and very articulated. The figure features 8 interchangeable hands and a wide variety of weapons. With a light up freeze ray cannon, freeze hand gun, and icy elements this figure really tells us that winter is coming. The Mezco Toyz Mr. Freeze is priced at $120 and he is waitlisted and you can find him located here. Staying on the ice with action figures, we are taking a look at Mondo's sixth scale figure. This Mr. Freeze figure is based on his appearance in Batman: The Animated Series and it brings the cartoon alive. The figure features Victor in a simplistic cryo-suit with a blue and black color scheme. He comes with interchangeable hands, a freeze ray, two head sculpts, ice effects and more. Each accessory adds a new feel to this figure and really captures his animated look. This figure is priced at $130 and you can buy him now as he is still in stock and located here.

These last two collectibles are in the world of statues. Statues always appealed to me as a collector especially for showing off special comic books, it always gave them a little extra pizzazz. These statues will do just that and more so let us put on our snow suits and embrace this storm. The first statue is Premium Format Statue from Sideshow Collectibles and this Mr. Freeze is limited to only 500 pieces and comes in at 2 feet tall! This massive statue is perfectly sculpted and shows a slim metal version of cryo-suit and the base shows off a frozen base with batarangs around him. His design is nice and they captured his face in a very realistic format which is just beautiful. I do wish this statue had an LED function, but there is a Sideshow Exclusive version that comes with a light up Nora effigy. This statue is still up for pre-order, priced at $720, and you can find him located here. The last statue is from DC Direct and is more than just a simple piece. This statue shows of the iconic Mr. Zero as he is perched on a ledge with a different cryo-suit that we haven't seen yet. This time we see more of his blue skin and different attachments on suits design. This statue looks an amazing alone but you can really make Batman fear something if you connect him with the other pieces of this multi-piece Rogues Gallery statue. This statue is only limited to 5000 pieces and you can find pre-orders are live and located here. These are just the tipping point of some amazing collectibles out for this iconic villain. These figures and statues all show just a little different take of Mr. Freeze but are all truly remarkable. There is a reason Batman has had his hands full with this villain and I'm sure we will see more collectibles continue to release of him. Stay tuned here at Bleeding Cool for more of Batman week and we cover some amazing collectibles of the dark knight and his deadly villains.

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