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Michael Ansara's performance as Mr Freeze was heart breaking — Kevin Conroy (@RealKevinConroy) April 15, 2022 Michael Ansara voiced Mr Freeze numerous times across various mediums between 1992 and 2001 and it was his last ever credited role in the video game Batman: Vengeance  Sadly, he passed away in 2013 at the age of 91 as a[...]
Batman Urban Legends Has A Major Fridging Moment
In most versions, Nora suffers from a terminal illness and is kept cryogenically frozen until a cure can be found, serving as Freeze's motivation for turning to a life of crime, to cure her illness by any means necessary. In the events of "Year of the Villain," Lex Luthor gave Mr Freeze a vial that would[...]
Six Important Moments From Gotham – Mr. Freeze
The following article contains spoilers for the mid-season return of Gotham – Mr Freeze. . . . . . ©2016 Fox Broadcasting Co Cr: Jessica Miglio/ FOX Last night saw the mid-season return of Gotham, which in a lot of ways felt more like the premiere of a new season The first part of the season focused on the rise and fall[...]