Let's Take A Look At NECA's Terminator 2 Sarah & John Connor Set

NECA continues giving us figures that we could have only dreamed of having when we were younger. Between their horror lines, TMNT, and now Back To The Future, we collectors are adding characters to our displays at a breakneck pace. Give us time to breathe a little NECA. One of the all-time best action films, Terminator 2: Judgement Day, is getting the company's Ultimate treatment. Multiple figures are coming out or have already been released, including the figure two-pack we are looking at today, the Sarah Connor/John Connor release, now hitting Target stores. NECA was kind enough to send one over for us to show you, so let's take a look at one of the most iconic mother/son duos in film history.

NECA Provides A Mixed Bag With This Terminator Pack

Packaging first, and I always like to see what they do with two packs. These Ultimates usually only come single packed, and I was expecting it to be an open window with no flap like the TMNT releases NECA has been doing. Boy, was I wrong. We get a gorgeous piece of art paying tribute to the film on the front and the trademark awesome figure photography on the back. The flap on mine is coming off a bit when opened, so fair warning on that; otherwise, more stellar work by the NECA design team. I would also like to say here that the Terminator arm that comes in this pack is genius and one of my favorite accessories of the year.

Then, when opened, is where a little trouble pops up. Starting with John, He is the superior figure in the pack. He has an awesome sculpt, the likeness to Edward Furlong is great, and especially the hair. I do not know why, but even as a kid, his hair in this movie stuck out to me, and NECA really came through on that detail. He comes with his backpack and hacking equipment, and the aforementioned Terminator arm. Just really cool stuff here, as they always seem to know exactly what from these shows and films we want to pose our figures with. He is easy to pose and stands really well when off-balance, even with the backpack on—spot on here.

All my problems lie with Sarah. Her long legs caused me all kinds of posing issues, especially when holding one of the rifles. The assault rifle she attacked Dyson's house within the film is a fav (forgive me, I know nothing at all about guns and what it is actually called) and I wanted to get her into a laying pose like the scene in the film, and she just could not do it. All three Linda Hamilton heads look awesome, especially the long hair version and combat version. She looks head to toe like she stepped off-screen. I wish she held her weapons a little better; the thin arms look strange bent at the elbow, making her look pretty awkward holding the bigger weapons. Will she stand well on my shelf? Sure, but in a static pose.

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Sarah and John Connor

A mixed bag for sure, but NECA here has provided a pretty good set for fans and collectors. John is great, and Sarah will look good next to him on the shelf. Just watch how you pose her with the larger weapons. This figure pack is available now at Target stores for those interested in the electronics section with other NECA products.

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