NECA's TMNT Movie April & Ultimate Casey Jones Are A Mixed Bag

TMNT fans and collectors were thrilled earlier this year as the company worked closely with actress Judith Hoag to reveal a 1990 movie April figure. The preorders sold like gangbusters, and the figures are now shipping to people, all while a new Ultimate Casey Jones figure has started showing up in stores. Featuring updated articulation and an unmasked head of actor Elias Koteas, both of these figures are seen as must adds by fans. We got our April in the mail the other day, and then NECA surprised us with the new Casey as well, so we figured we would take a look at the TMNT favorites together.

TMNT Collectors Are Mixed On April, Loving Casey

First off, as always, NECA nailed the packaging. Both Casey and April come in the standard Ultimate packaging from NECA, though I like April's a bit more. Both feature the TMNT movie logo on the front, with Casey's mask on his, and April appearing on TV screens on hers, which also features a lenticular design that makes the TV's flicker. Really neat stuff, and MOC collectors will enjoy having these next to each other.

Casey first and the two main selling points on this one are the new head and the better articulation on the arms and legs. Both make this truly the Ultimate Casey Jones. My buddy and I joked forever that we would not buy a new Casey just for the head, and while I didn't pay for this figure since NECA sent it for review, after seeing this in person I would have. They just really nailed the head here, it is dead on accurate and I cannot imagine ever using the masked head in displays anymore. And the arms are so much better than the original, he can reach better into his bag of tricks, and is way easier to and sturdy to pose. He comes with the same arsonal as before, though I think with more hands. I couldn't find my extras to compare. Overall though, as soon as I opened him I knew this was a superior release to the first from the TMNT two pack with trench coat Raph.

I really wish I could say that I liked the April. First, again, the likeness is dead on. They really nailed it, and the look of the figure from the outfit to the big hair is spot on. I do like the more serious April face, and the smile seems a bit off in the swappable head, but from the torso up, this figure is great. It's the legs that make this a bad figure. The knees are an eyesore, and while I get there is not much they could have done about that, it just doesn't look right. She also cannot stand at all. There is a reason a stand is included with her, I tried for over an hour to get her to stand without in on multiple surfaces and it just was not happening. Part of that was the feet joints being a tad loose, but the legs bent in such a weird way that without the included stand, the legs are too think to hold up the upper part of the figure. A real bummer.

Especially since when you put them in poses together they look awesome next to each other. I was pretty bummed with that major flaw on April, but Casey was a great surprise that took the sting out of it. I would say that even with the leg issue, your TMNT 1990 film display still needs April, so I would still buy this, just know you will need to use the stand with her. Casey is a must buy to upgrade, they fixed him up real nice.

April will be hitting Walmarts later this year, while Casey can be found in Walmart stores now.

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