Nightmare Before Christmas Revs Their Engines with Beast Kingdom

The Tim Burton animated classic The Nightmare Before Christmas is back with new pull back racers from Beast Kingdom. There are four cars in total featuring some iconic characters from the beloved film. Being the lead man, Jack Skellington will be getting two pull back cars showing different parts of the film. One will be Jack in his Santa Claus outfit while the other is Skeleton Jack. The next two cars will have a glow in the dark feature as The Nightmare Before Christmas Oogie Boogie and ghost dog Zero join on in. These might be pull back cars but they are just packed with great detail. This is a small set of collectibles that car or Nightmare Before Christmas fans can add to their spooky collection.

Fans will be able to find The Nightmare Before Christmas Pull Back Car Series from Beast Kingdom on their site here. Pre-orders are not live just yet but going off of the Batman Batmobile Pull Back Car Series, each car will be priced at only $5. These are great prices for some nicely detailed collectibles from Beast Kingdom. It would ben nice to see a wave 2 in the future with the Pumpkin King, Mayor, and Sally getting car designs. Who would you live to see on their own pull back car next?

"The Nightmare Before Christmas is back with a vengeance! Beast Kingdom is launching "The Nightmare Before Christmas Pull Back Car Series." Join us for the ride! Entertainment brand Beast Kingdom proudly presents cute and wacky pull back cars based on Tim Burton's animated classic "The Nightmare Before Christmas." Bored at work? Let the whirring power of these cars brighten your day. Four cars inspired by "The Nightmare Before Christmas" are presented in this set, waiting for you to drive them home!"

"One car has Jack Skellington with a sack full of wonderful gifts for all the good boys and girls. Another car is Jack in a coffin-shaped sled dressed as Santa Claus. Can he fill Santa's shoes? A third car is Oogie Boogie most evil in the movie. What is the trick in his mind? The fourth car is Jack's faithful ghost dog Zero at the ready for whatever Jack might need."

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