Funko New York Comic Con 2020 Shared Retailer Exclusive List

Funko has finally shared the New York Comic Con 2020 shared retailer list. This is a list of where all the exclusives will be going to make a note and prepare for the event. This year fans got to see a massive set of upcoming exclusive from Masters of the Universe, My Hero Academia, Naruto, How I Met Your Mother, and others from Umbrella Academy, Nickelodeon cartoons, The Office and so much more. There are five Pops on my list this year with Danny Phantom, Bloody Young Ben, Zombie Daredevil, Robin Sparkles, and Mister Compress. My Hero Exclusives are always popular at conventions so he will be hard to get a hold of but luckily there will be three chances with FunkoShop, Hot Topic online, and HT in-store. Just like many shared exclusives fans will have multiple opportunities to get these NYCC Funko Pop exclusives.

Funko New York Comic Con 2020 Shared Retailer Exclusive List
Credit: Funko

The Virtual Con 4.0 will take place in October around the same time that New York Comic Con 2020 was set to take place (October 8 -11). All of these Pops will be available through the Funko-Shop in one massive event here just like SDCC. Buying the Pops from the Funko-Shop is the only way for collectors and fans to get ahold of a Pop with an official NYCC 2020 sticker, which will be a 50/50 chance. Excluding the FunkoShop, all the rest will be shared with their retrospective shared retailers and will go online at midnight that night of the online event. The San Diego 2020 even was chaos as fans sat in the checkout for 40 mins as shipping rates would not load. This then made many fans miss out on plenty of the Pops they were looking for which was quite aggrivating. Bloody Ben and most of the anime Pops will sell to very fast this year so make sure that is your priority if that's the case. Links for the retailer are supposed to go live at midnight but all went up early last year with zero to no chance of getting any online there so make sure you're ready around 11:30 for that Hot Topic midnight drop just in case. We can only hope that Funko fixed these issues from July but we won't know until the event goes live. What Pops will you be getting this year?

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