Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers 1/6th Scale Figures Teased by threezero

Threezero has teased a new collaboration of collectibles with Hasbro as they unveil 1/6th scale figures featuring the Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers. That's right, your favorite rangers are back, and better than ever with new highly detailed 12-inch figures. Only two images have been released by threezero but it shows off five original Power Rangers back in action. The Red Ranger, Blue Ranger, Black Ranger, Yellow Ranger, and the Pink Ranger are ready for their close up. It does look like each one of them will have their specialty weapon, and just like in the show, they can combine into the Mighty Power Blaster. In addition, it does look like each Power Ranger will be getting their pistols which can be placed in their holster. Not much else is known about these 1/6th scale figures, but three have announced that pre-orders will go live on December 16.

Threezero does make some remarkable 12-inch figures, and we can not wait to see what they do with their own Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers line. I'm curious if we will see unmasked head sculpts, mini-zords, or even a Green and White Ranger announcements in the future. Packed with detail, these figures will be great collectibles for any fan of the iconic Power Rangers series. Prices or release dates have not been disclosed by threezero, but we can imagine a full announcement will be released on the 16th along with the pre-orders. It is unclear if these figures will be released as a set or individually, so stay tuned here at Bleeding Cool for when these figures finally go live. Go go, Power Rangers!

"Mighty Morphin Power Rangers 1/6th scale Collectible Figures will be available for pre-order at https://www.threezerohk.com on Dec 16th, 9am HKT (previous day, 8pm EDT)! In development. *Final product may vary from promotional images."

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