Funko Answers Your SDCC 2020 Questions for the Big Day

Funko SDCC 2020 finally begins tomorrow night! This is a big day for many collectors, and Funko has given fans some clarification on what is in store. You can check out the entire Funko news on their blog here. The most significant part of their Q&A is the mystery of the Official San Diego Comic Con sticker. With the actual convention being canceled, it seems up in the air on to where the real labels will go. However, Funko has stated that it will be a 50/50 shot of getting shared or the official sticker from their shop at launch. This leads us to the next topic, the Funko Shop, tomorrow, July 22nd, at 8 pm EST; all SDCC 2020 exclusives will go live. This will include all retailer exclusives and the Funko Shop exclusives like the Anchorman set, TMNT Mikey, and the Funko Soda figures. It is still unclear as to where Black Lightning will go, so keep your eyes peeled online.

Funko has redone the site so that it will be honestly hit or miss is if the site can handle such a significant influx of customers. However, fans do not have to freight just yet as at 12–1 am EST on July 23rd, most retailers will be putting their exclusives online as well. Stores will then also be getting their exclusives that morning, so fans have three chances to succeed this time around. Prices are inflated for convention exclusives, so be prepared for that. Check for specifics down below, but single Pops will cost $15, and the 10" Pops will be hitting a whopping $50. This is a crazy time, so collectors be safe if you hunt in the wild and watch out for those flipper prices. May the hunt be with you.

Funko Gives Update on SDCC 2020 Virtual Con 3.0 Schedule
Credit: Funko


When will the SDCC Shared Exclusive be available?

The 2020 SDCC Shared Exclusives will be available at on Wednesday 7/22 at 5 pm PDT.

When will retailers start selling their SDCC Exclusives?

SDCC Exclusives will be available for purchase from their respective retailers at 12:01 am (Eastern Standard Time) on Thursday July 23rd.

What sticker will be on the SDCC Shared Exclusives purchased through

There is not a way to guarantee which sticker you will get when you purchase. Shared exclusives will have either the 2020 San Diego Comic-Con sticker or the 2020 Summer Convention Exclusive sticker.

Will the HQ and Hollywood stores sell SDCC Shared Exclusives?

The Funko HQ and Hollywood stores will not be selling the 2020 SDCC Shared Exclusives at this time.

How much do the SDCC Exclusives cost?

Pricing is as follows:

  • Pop! – $15
  • 10" Pop! – $45
  • Pop! 2-Pack – $30
  • Vinyl Soda – $12
Funko Gives Update on SDCC 2020 Virtual Con 3.0 Schedule
Credit: Funko

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