Spawn Kickstarter Hits 2 Million and Gets More Upgrades

The Todd McFarlane Spawn Kickstarter campaign has been hitting record numbers. The figure has now finally his the long awaited 2 million dollars with 11 days still left on the campaign. The original goal was only $100,000 and that number was demolished in a couple of hours. As the numbers rose, fans were greeted with free upgrades from new weapons and fists to figure bundles and more. With the 2 million dollar mark, Todd McFarlane has given us 5 new updates for the Spawn figures covering solo figure and the amazing 3-pack. The upgrades are as followed:

  • "UPGRADE #1 – Every level. All figures will now come with a steel chain for the NECK/CAPE area. Previously we had announced steel chains around the WAIST of every figure, but now we can announce that the neck chain will also be made of steel."
  • "UPGRADE #2 – Every level. All figures will now come with an extra pair of FIST hands! You've been asking for this, so here it is. And one of the fists will have an open slot so this hand can also hold the big SWORD coming with the ARTIST PROOF SPAWN."
  • "UPGRADE #3 – Every level. All figures will now come with one transparent NECRO-ENERGY Attachment. This will simulate the magical green power that has been a hallmark of the Spawn character since his inception back in 1992."
  • "UPGRADE #4 – Trilogy 3-Pack level(s). Any level that contains at least on or more of the Trilogy 3-Packs will come with 3 different NECRO-ENERGY Attachments (a different one for each of the three figures figure). One attachment will be the same as the one in Upgrade #3 above, plus 2 unique energy blasts/swirls so that all three of your figures will have a distinct look to them."
  • "UPGRADE #5 – Trilogy 3-Pack level(s). Any level that contains at least on or more of the Trilogy 3-Packs will now come with an exclusive GOLD PLAQUE and will come with a GOLD SIGNATURE. The autograph by me will be on a white plate that will be inserted into the Gold holder and then I will sign the white plate in gold to give a look that will only be found in the Trilogy 3-Pack."

Each of these upgrades does something special to the figure and it really does give back to fans who have supported this Spawn Remastering endeavor. The neck chain upgrade is a simple update but it'll makes the figure go to new levels and will pair well with the current steel waist chain. The extra pair of fist seems like it goes more towards the Artist Proof figure as he will get the extra sword but it sounds like more weapons are on the way the higher the backing goes. The Necro-Energy is something that will be amazing to see, I know myself and other fans were hoping we would get some ad are wish has been granted. I wonder if it'll be the same as fist covers like the way we see Marvel Legends handle the Captain Marvel figures. They aren't much, but the translucent cover adds new and richer effect to the design of the character and I know Todd McFarlane will be proud of bringing his creation to life yet again. The last couple of upgrades were pointed towards backers of the 3-pack sets from more Necro-Energy accessories and a golden plaque autograph. The 3-pack set is getting all of the best upgrades and you're getting three unique Spawn figures with it. At the time of this article, the current backing of the Spawn Kickstarter Campaign is $2,105, 209 with 15,005 people backing this project. 11 days are left and who knows what they end result will so make sure you back it while you can before its too late. You can find the campaign here along with personal videos about all the upgrades coming from the man himself.

McFarlane Toys Kickstarter Spawn Campaign
Spawn Remastered, figure and box, photo from McFarlane Toys.

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