Spider-Man Gets Summer Exclusive Figure with Beast Kingdom

Beast Kingdom has been teasing their Summer Exclusives for quite some time. Today, they have opened the doors on one of them as our favorite web-slinger swings on into action. Unlike a lot of their previous version, this Spider-Man is based on his Marvel Comics appearance. The figure will feature a fabric outfit, packed with detail, and will come with a nice variety of accessories. There are multiple heads for him with a masked Spider-Man, unmasked Peter Parker, and a partially life's mask that will face a swappable mouth piece. He will also be getting two pairs of swappable eyes and 7 hands including one holding a camera. As for accessories, Spider-Man will come with a pair of glasses, backpack, spidey sense attachment, and two web effects. All of these are necessary for the collector to feel the full spidey experience and a perfect Summer Exclusive.

While the look and design of the Egg Attack Action figures can turn some away they are nicely crafted. They are small, sweet, and packed with accessories and detail for any major collector. I'm defiantly a fan with the interchangeable heads the Peter Parker accessories. The Egg Attack Action Marvel Comics Spider-Man is set to have pre-orders today and here. No price has been given but he is expected to swing on in between July and August 2020. There will be more Summer Exclusives on the way from Beast Kingdom so stay tuned here at Bleeding Cool.

"A high school student named Peter Parker with an ordinary background became the marvelous superhero Spider-Man. In addition to fighting crime, Peter also had to face the trials and tribulations of adolescence. In contrast to teenage heroes of the past, Peter had to learn for himself that "With great power comes great responsibility", which has resonated with several generations of fans. Are you prepared to join Spider-Man in his mission to fight crime?"

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