Harley Quinn Kicks Off Kotobukiya's New Kalā Statue Series

Kotobukiya has announced that they will be creating brand new statue series titled: Kalā. Kalā is an ancient Sanskrit word for art, and Kotobukiya is bring that art to life with the help of some of their creative sculptors. The first statue in the line is the beautiful and chaotic Harley Quinn from the world of DC Comics. Coming in at 12" tall, the 1/6 scale statue shows off Harley Quinn's more modern design of her anti-hero depiction. Hiroki Hayashi has taken this statue under his wing and he has used his mastery of bringing two-dimensional media to life. This impressive artist knows anatomy, structure, and a "deep understanding" of human expression to take Harley Quinn to new levels.

This statue is truly a piece of art, and it is completely different from other DC Comics statues out there. The realistic aspect really enhances everything about Harley Quinn from her face to her posture. If you are a fan of Harley then this is one statue you will definitely want in your collection. The DC Comics Kalā Series Harley Quinn 1/6 Scale Statue from Kotobukiya is priced at $199.99. She is expected to release in September 2022, and pre-orders are live and located here.

"We are proud to announce our new series, "Kalā" (कला). Kalā. Coming from the ancient sanskirt word for art, this series is not just a simple category of products, but a beautiful insight into the creative genius of our sculptors. Hiroki Hayashi (atelier iT), a master of bringing two-dimensional media to life, expresses himself through sculpted artistry. With a keen eye for anatomy, structure, and a deep understanding of human expression, Hiroki Hayashi creates art for all to enjoy."

"Harley Quinn, vibrant and manic as always, springs to life in this impressive 1/6th scale and 12" release. Sculpted by Hiroki Hayashi, Harley Quinn wields her famous baseball bat, themed leather Jacker zipper outfit, and mismatched shoes. This version of Ms. Quinn will fill any fans need for a comic book accurate, yet realistic portrayal of this classic DC villain!"

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