Star Wars Rancor HasLab Loses Backers after Hasbro's Latest Reveal

Hasbro has nearly a complete success with their impressive HasLab crowdfunding campaigns, with all of them hitting their mark but one (the 2019 Cookie Monster puppet). So far, two Marvel Legends campaigns were backed with the Sentinel and Galactus, two Transformers with Unicron and Victory Saber, and finally, two Star Wars: The Vintage Collection with Jabba's Barge and the Razor Crest. However, it looks like the fans have spoken for the new The Black Series Rancor HasLab as it starts to actually lose backers after Hasbro's recent live stream update. The live stream event included the first painted Rancor figure and included the final two tier unlocks for the campaign. Hasbro went all in with this live stream and failed miserably with a terrible final act giving fans for some reason a Salacious B. Crumb and another Luke Skywalker.

The Luke Skywalker is completely new with a new sculpt and design built from the ground up, with a Power of the Force cardback. However, the packaging is the only thing special bayou this figure with a major release coming to the public, most likely for the 40th Anniversary of Star Wars: Return of the Jedi. For some reason, Hasbro did not want to include the two of the figures fans have been requesting with the Rancor Guard Malakili and the Twi'lek Dancer Oola. These two characters directly interact with the Rancor, so it would make too much sense to include them but instead relapse Jabba's pet and yet another Luke Skywalker.

I am not the only one annoyed with Hasbro's campaign for the Star Wars: The Black Series Rancor HasLab as the company has lost roughly 500 backers since Friday. With a goal of 9,000 backers, the current backers have gone from 5300 to just shy of 4800. Hasbro put all their cards on the table for this campaign, and with the odd paint job to the silly final tier unlocks, this was the final straw for some Star Wars fans. I do not blame them either, as Hasbro decided to throw three HasLab campaigns at the same time with G.I Joe and Ghostbusters competing with the Star Wars. The Rancor was priced what too high to begin with, and for $350, I would rather throw in an extra $50 to get a 1:1 scale Proton Pack replica. Collectors can check all of the current HasLab ranking and campaigns right here and see if you will also be busting ghosts in Spring 2023.

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