Star Wars Rancor HasLab Tier 1 Unlock Revealed – Gamorrean Guard

Hasbro has given Star Wars fans an even closer look at their Star Wars: The Black Series Rancor HasLab. We finally got to see a physical prototype instead of digital rendering, as well as more articulation throughout the beast's body. The Rancor has been slowly gaining backer's, but it is the price that I think a lot of Star Wars fans are hesitant about. I'm sure they have to pay for the title, but still, we are getting a figure half the size of the Marvel Legends Sentinel with no LED feature or swappable parts. Hasbro has given fans more of an incentive to purchase the Return of the Jedi monster by revealing their first Tier Unlock.

The Gamorrean Guard is back with a brand new retro packing card-backed figure with special collectors coin and all. We are simply getting a repacked and re-painted figure but it is a necessary figure to add to your Star Wars Rancor set up. Standard Gammorean Guard's are still available for purchase right here, and it'll be easier to open than this unlockable Tier 1 reward. Three more Tier Unlocks are set to arise, and I have my suspicions with Jabba's Palace Rancor Keeper, Twi'lek, and either a Luke with bone or a Rancor accessories pack with displayable bones. Only time will tell what will also be unlocked, and fans can back the Star Wars: The Black Series Rancor HasLab right here for $349.99 with 30 days left and it just crossing 50% backed.

"A 6-inch-scale The Black Series Gamorrean Guard™ figure on a classic Kenner-inspired Power of the Force™ cardback with a special collectors coin to continue the tradition of celebrating the Kenner brand. This exclusive execution can only be found here, in this HasLab issue. Fans can recreate the iconic scene in Star Wars: Return of the Jedi™, when the Gamorrean Guard unwittingly becomes the Rancor's "lunch". "

"Burly and brutish, the Gamorrean Guard was one of Jabba the Hutt's™ favorite enforcers. Help us bring this character out of the shadows of the underworld and onto a nostalgic Kenner-inspired Power of the Force cardback with a Special Collectors Coin. An exclusive packaging execution that can only be found in this HasLab issue. Keep The Black Series Gamorrean Guard figure in pack as long as you'd like to proudly display on your shelf or remove it to recreate the terrifying moment when the Rancor feasted upon the Gamorrean Guard right before our eyes. Think of the possibilities!"

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