Super7's Boodega Universal Monsters SDCC Event Was Super-Packed

Super7, otherwise known around these parts as "that toy company Jeremy will not shut up about" started their first of two pop-up events at SDCC last night. After the success of last years Universal Monsters Boodega, the sequel is here! Revenge of the Boodega took over the San Diego location, and we joined in on the spooky delights.

If you plan on going today if you are in town, be prepared to wait in line. Like, a long line. I got there right at 9 when they opened and the line took about two and a half hours. Worth it of course, but still, not a super short trip.

The entire shop is decked out in old school looking store signs and Universal Monsters decor, and it was like a warm hug walking into the store. For how busy it was, the were running like a well-oiled machine in there too, restocking constantly and moving people rather quickly through the checkout. There was no shortage of merchandise to shop either, many styles of shirts, puffy stickers, Super Bucket pails, masks, and more were available, diving deeper into the Universal Monsters catalog this year.

The two biggest hits were a special candle (long gone before I got in there) and a hilarious Creature beach towel. The special Garbage Pail Kids cards were selling like hotcakes, as were the special coloring book and Creature Ed Repka puzzle. And of course, there were four new ReAction figures to collect. That is the awesome thing about Super7, it is not just going to be about action figures, it is 70's/80's style brand overload. Back when fans could grab sheets and masks and all kinds of odd and unique collectibles of their favorites, not just toys. The Boodega and their other events always prove that they have a firm grasp on what their fans want, and they overdeliver every time.

The Super7 Universal Monsters Revenge of the Boodega event is open at the San Diego store on Eighth Ave. on Thursday from 11am- 9 PM.

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