NECA Shows Teaser Images For The Boys Homelander and Starlight

NECA has given fans teaser images for their upcoming The Boys figure line. Earlier this year, Amazon sold off rights to The Boys merchandise, giving a variety of companies the ability to create their own figures and collectibles for the hit Amazon Prime Video series. We recently saw MAFEX tease their Homelander figure, and now it looks like it will have some competition as NECA announces not one but two new figures. These are only simple image reveals; we do not know prices, release dates, or any added accessories for these figures. Starlight and Homelander will be the first The Boys figures released from NECA, and we can only suspect more will come. Starlight is up first as she is actually sculpted beautifully straight from the Amazon series. She will be wearing her original costume from the show and will have that gold and white deco. The picture does show a glowing hand, which could be an effect for the picture but also a tease for swappable hand accessories to show off her powers. The Boys Starlight also features a glowing eyes head, which could mean a secondary head without glowing eyes could also be included. One big thing to point out is the use of a favor cape of this figure, which will really make her stand out.

The biggest NECA reveals is their upcoming Homelander figure. We do get to see a full-body image of him showing articulation as well as the costume designs. We do not get to see a full-face head sculpt, but we do know that the corrupt superhero will come with a heat vision accessory to bring his evil deeds to life. Homelander's suit is amazing though, it is packed with great detail color, and that fabric cape kicks ass. This figure seems like the best The Boys collectible we have seen and, in all honesty, looks more solid and sturdy compared to the recent MAFEX reveal. I hope we can get box packaging for these two, and I can wait to see what else will be included with both these beauties. The Boys has really picked up a lot of fans since the first season, and it is crazy to think no collectible shave been released yet. Stay tuned here at Bleeding Cool for more info and pre-order information when they finally come from NECA. Make sure you check out NECA's 12 Days of Downloads here for some amazing Visual Guides to help you collecting experience.

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