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TheToyZone Reveals Idea For Video Game Themed NERF Guns

Video game replicas are always something fans, and gamers can get behind, and NERF is one brand that has captured some of the magic. Fortnite and Overwatch have been some of the few hit games to get their own replica blasters, but the people over at TheToyZonewanted to see what other games would be great with the NERF treatment. There have been so many legendary weapons over video game history, and TheToysZone has captured seven What If blasters, which consist of:

  • Cyberpunk 2077 Blaster – Skippy
  • Half-Life II Blaster – Zero Point Energy Manipulator (Gravity Gun)
  • DOOM Blaster – Super Shotgun
  • GoldenEye 007 Blaster – The Golden Gun
  • Team Fortress 2 Blaster – Grenade Launcher
  • Fall Out 3 Blaster – Fat Man
  • Destiny 2 Blaster – Ace of Spades

The Destiny 2 Ace of Space is badass, and the Fat Man from Fallout 3 is beyond phenomenal, and I would love to see one get created. NERF has so many blasters, and getting the licenses to create these video games would really change the game. Gamers are always looking for a unique collectible to add to their collection, and these are perfect for so many fans out there. Fans can find all the digital renders and the original article here, giving them a glimpse of what could happen in the future.

"Pew-pew! Who hasn't uttered those words while returning make-believe fire at a blaster-toting enemy? Laura "Vice Admiral Holdo" Dern even pew-pewed while acting in The Last Jedi – and she had a whole Disney sound effects department on her team. But the big rival for kids' ballistic affections these days isn't movies – it's video games. The Nerf Blaster launched in 1989, the year the Nintendo Game Boy landed. Ever since, when kids want to let off a few rounds of Health & Safety-compliant ammo, they've had to make a tough choice: the comfort of the joypad or the breathless pursuit of "spongy backyard warfare"?"

"Since 2019, Hasbro has bridged the gap between foam-based weaponry and the digital realm with a range of Fortnite- and Halo-themed Nerf Guns. TheToyZone shares this love of firing different brands at each other to see what sticks. So here's our new, imaginary range of NERD (Non-Existing Recreational Dart) Blasters inspired by some of gaming's most iconic weapons."

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