NECA's TMNT Animated Line Continues With Chrome Dome, New Frogs

NECA's TMNT animated line continues to thrive, and the great news is that more and more collectors are having an easier time finding the figures in stores. Take the sets we are looking at today, the second Frogs pack, and Chrome Dome. These started hitting Target stores a few weeks ago, and pics flooded social media of stacks of them at stores, happy faces getting to take them home instead of empty shelves and turning to the secondary market. NECA has answered the call and is getting these out there in a variety of ways, and at this point, you should have no trouble finding these. NECA sent us the latest TMNT sets to take a look at, so we will do just that right now.

Never Stop Making TMNT Toys, NECA. We Will Buy Them All.

I love how NECA makes the packaging for this TMNT line amenable to whatever they need. The Frog pack is the same two-pack packaging we have seen since the beginning of the line and has such a 90's vibe to it that it fills your heart with joy. The Chrome Dome is one of their deluxe releases, so he comes in a VHS tape tribute box, which is a massive box this time. Massive but fits in well with the other releases. Seamless for you MOC collectors.

Chrome Dome is one big boy. The biggest TMNT figure from NECA to date, he doesn't sacrifice any articulation or quality for being so massive. One ding I will say right off the bat: try as I might, boiling and using a hairdryer, I could not get his hands to open at all, so he can't hold his gun. YMMV on that, but at least it pegs onto his side so it can be on the figure in some way. The sword hands hold them perfectly and are easy to slide in and out of the grip. And boy, can this guy move.

As you can see above, I had no issue getting him to balance his massive torso on even one leg, and he looks so imposing pretty much any way you look at him. Watch for paint issues with the white body, though. Mine didn't have any, but the black from his legs chipped a little when I first moved the legs. It stopped, but something to keep an eye on.

The Frog pack finishes off the Punk Frogs team that started earlier this year. Like those, each comes with weapons and a couple of awesome money bags in this pack. These are the same bodies and everything as the last pack that was released, so not much new here as far as Napoleon and Attila are concerned, but once you get all four together in a group shot, that is the money right there. They all compliment each other so well, and the interchangeable parts and weapons work with each figure, so the combinations are great. What an epic mini-set for TMNT collectors.

Both of these are worthy pick-ups, but I would lean towards the Frogs if I was only getting one. As great as Chrome Dome is, the Frogs are an epic mini-set that really is a must-own for TMNT shelves. You can find both of these releases at Target stores right now.

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