TMNT & NECA Continue Epic Cartoon Line With New Two Packs

TMNT two packs keep chugging along from NECA, one of the most successful figure lines out there right now. They are starting to get to some deeper cuts here, like the two packs we will be taking a look at today. Quick, and be honest, raise your hand if you remember Wingnut, Screwloose, Dirtbag, or Groundchuck from the cartoon and NOT the Playmates figures. I can't be the only one. I watched that cartoon every day when I was a kid, either on TV or the VHS tapes, and I don't remember them on there at all. I DO, however, remember them from the classic figures. In any case, NECA sent us these latest two packs to take a look at, so let's dig into the latest TMNT figures in the cartoon line.

Little Known TMNT Characters Lead To Great Figures

We always get the latest two packs in the same boxes we have been seeing since the line started. I am glad they have not changed these; it makes a MOC collection look exceptionally cool. NECA puts a ton of effort into their packaging, and it can honestly be torture to open these sometimes.

But open them, we will, TMNT fans. First, Wingnut and Screwloose. Wingnut is one of my new favorite figures in this line. He looks like a weird, mutant DIY Batman, and I love every bit of it. The wings have good articulation to them and do not hinder the figure's poseability. His gritted teeth expression is great, and I love how easy these newer figures in the line are getting the weapons into their hands. He is also big and bulky, but without sacrificing poseability or range of motion. He looks cool with Screwloose behind him as well when you get the bug on his included flight stand. He has a great sculpt, but he is kinda boring. He feels like a sidekick included with Wingnut to build out the two-pack.

The other two-pack is a steller TMNT release. Dirtbag is one of the coolest figures in the line so far, and he comes with a bunch of unique accessories and display options. Obviously, the coolest one is that you can remove his legs and put a dirt pile around him, so it looks like he is coming out of the ground. That is also nice for diorama displayers, as that saves space and changes the levels of the characters in a way that makes the shelf pop more. These two are also sporting two of the coolest paint decos in the line so far, especially Groundchuck. A personal favorite in the vintage line, I love his colors. That is what makes the figure, and they nailed the burnt orange. The robotic details are perfectly updated, and he is just a cool, menacing mutant.

Three of the four figures here are standouts in the TMNT cartoon line, and these are instant buys for sure. I wish Wingnut had just been released as a separate deluxe figure, but I understand why he didn't. He HAS to come with Screwloose. Both of these two packs are hitting Targets right now.

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