Transformers Deathsaurus HasLab Backed and Tier 1 Unlocked 

Congratulations are in order to Transformers fans, as the new Hasbro HasLab campaign has been a success. It has been quite some time since we originally covered the new Deathsaurus Victory Saber crowdfunding project, and since then, it has been fully backed. This deadly Decepticon gives the previous Victory Saber HasLab a complete set as good and evil clash for the fate of the cosmos. Coming in at 11" tall, Deathsaurus is known as The Emperor of Destruction for a reason, and Hasbro captures his fury. If you are a fan of this Transformers anime from back in the day, then this is the HasLab you will not want to miss out on. 

To make things even better, the Tier 1 reward has been unlocked as the HasLab has passed 14,000 backers. A special weapons accessories pack is now part of the project giving Transformers Generations fans some powerful weapons for Deathsaurus arsenal. Our villain can now be equipped with the Living-Metal-Destroying Cannon and Spiked Flail with some new blast effects to assist. The next Tier unlocks at 17,00 backers, which will unlock a new throne accessory, stand base, and stand arm attachment to showcase his reign. Check out some of the projects below as well as back to the Transformers HasLab right here; it is set to end 11:59 PM ET on December 12th, 2022.

Deathsaurus: Emperor of Destruction

"One of the most feared beings in the known universe, Deathsaurus has spread his reign of terror and destruction for eons. The only force stopping him from achieving ultimate power has been that annoyance of an Autobot, Star Saber. But his brilliant mind has thought up a new plan, and this time, nothing can stop the Emperor of Destruction. Deathsaurus is launching his next attack – turn HasLab into the ultimate weapon and destroy Star Saber, once and for all!"

"Hasbro Pulse is bringing Transformers fans a battle of epic proportions! Last year, HasLab brought Japanese canon into the world of Transformers for the first time with Victory Saber*. Now, we invite you to welcome the archnemesis of the Supreme Commander of the Autobots into your collection. The powerful and ruthless Decepticon, Deathsaurus, is the next HasLab project!"

Transformers HasLab Tier 1 Unlocked – Weapons Pack

The Living-Metal-Destroying Cannon is perhaps one of the most destructive weapons in the Transformers universe. A fully-charged blast from its barrel can erode any metal material, including the living cells of Cybertronian lifeforms. This Deathsaurus figure comes with this signature weapon accessory and his classic spiked flail accessory! Fans can also plug the 6 included blast effects onto the Deathsaurus figure and his weapon accessories. The Living-Metal-Destroying Cannon, spiked flail, and blast effect accessories will be unlocked when the campaign reaches 14,000 backers.

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