Venom Bonds With Marvel Heroes in New Beast Kingdom Statues

Venom is back and he is turning his sights on some of our favorite Marvel heroes. Coming out of Maximum Venom, Beast Kingdom is bringing four statues to life that are all featuring a Venom twist. Funko has done some of these model designs already but if you want more of a dynamic statue then look no further. The four Marvel heroes that have been taken over are Spider-Man, Iron Man, Doctor Strange, and Groot. Each one has both elements of these characters and the sculpt and color design is nicely done. Beast Kingdom has even increased the size of these Mini Egg Attack statues from 3 inches to 5 inches which is still a great size for all the detail they packed into these statues.

Each Maximum Venom Mini Egg Attack Statue is priced at $13.99. Pre-orders are all ready live and you can find them located here.

We Are Venom.

Credit: Beast Kingdom

Venom, one of Marvel's most famous anti-heroes from the world of Spider-Man is a symbiont from another planet. Its sole aim is to bond with a host for its survival, but once conjoined it feeds off the character of its host! The lines between light and darkness thus often becomes blurred!

The process of bonding is always painful, but exciting to watch. Seeing our favorite Marvel characters transform into new lifeforms in the comics and movies is always a feast for the eyes!

Beast Kingdom, The Entertainment Experience brand takes you on a journey to the dark-side of Marvel's Villains, with the release of the (Mini Egg Attack) Maximum Venom figure collection.

Showcasing four Heroes from the world of Marvel, the characters are in the middle of transforming into Venom. A special edition base is designed around Venom's goo rising into the heroes and taking over their bodies. With a dark cloud looming over our heroes, what kind of hybrid will emerge?

– Will a vicious Spider-Man become everyone's evil neighbor?

– Iron-Man is not always the good-guy! What will Venom do to our favorite 'Shell-Head'?

– Already a 'Doctor Strange' will Venom make him even stranger?

– Groot is the cutest in the galaxy, so a little more devilish may not be that bad.

👉For all collectors who purchase a four piece character set, a limited edition 'Venomized Groot' base is included to showcase your entire collection. So why not get all four characters and enjoy a one of a kind collection made for fans of 'villainous heroes'!

Credit: Beast Kingdom

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