Venom Crash Lands On Earth With New Hot Toys Figure

Hot Toys has finally listened to fans as they announced they are very own Venom 1/6 scale figure. This might not be the Venom that fans have been looking for as it is based on the 2018 film from Sony. Venom will stand roughly 15 inches tall and will feature 24 points of articulation. The realistic textures and design that Hot Toys showcase here are straight from the film with the vein stylings. The live-action depiction of the Marvel Comics character will come with two different portraits letting fans pick between open and closed mouth head sculpts. He will also include three interchangeable tongues letting fans capture that perfect Venom pose. On top of that, he will come with a couple of other interchangeable pieces like the sickle right hand, symbiote sword, attacking left hand, and attachable tendrils for his back. The tendrils also feature Venom maws on them, and if fans purchase a special edition version, it will include one additional maw to attach.

It seems that more of the live-action design of this symbiotic is getting a lot more collectibles than the comic book version lately. This could just be prepared for the upcoming sequel film and Sony getting fans back into the mindset of seeing this live-action depiction of the character. I have no problem with the live-action version of Venom, and I do wish at some point that we could see that iconic comic book logo displayed across his chest. This figure is beautifully crafted and designed with nothing but love from Hot Toys will be a great addition to any fans symbiote collection. The Venom (Film) 1/6 Scale Hot Toys Figure, is set to release between January and April 2022. Prices and pre-orders are not known just yet, but they should be arriving soon. You can find the most Hot Toys collectibles located here, so be on the lookout. We Are Venom.

Live-Action Venom Becomes the Newest Hot Toys Figure

"On my world, I'm pretty much a loser. Kind of like you, Eddie. But here on Earth, together, perhaps we could be something more. – Venom. Venom is one of the four alien symbiotes drifting through space on a comet as an advance scout party, looking for worlds to conquer, and approaching living body as hosts to survive. However, the symbiotes never really found a place where they can exist in harmony with the life forms of whatever planet they find themselves on. Not until Venom finds Eddie Brock on Earth, finds himself to live in equilibrium. Long-awaited by fans, today Hot Toys is excited to officially present the dark, villainous Venom as a 1/6th scale collectible figure inspired by movie that shares the same title."

"Masterfully crafted based on the appearance of Venom from the movie, the screen-accurate vinyl figure measures approximately 38cm tall displays a high level of detailed sculpting, specially on the texture of his skin, fearsome fanged mouth and tongue. The latest figure introduces a body painted with black polarized paint that gives natural shiny glow from different viewing angles; two newly developed head sculpts featuring a grinning head sculpt, as well as a head sculpt with fanged mouth and interchangeable protruding tongues; interchangeable weapons and accessories including symbiote weapons and Riot's symbio sword; multiple Venom with symbiote accessories attachable to figure's "back spewing black liquid; matching hands for iconic gestures; and a movie-themed figure stand.

"Moreover, the Special Edition available in selected markets will include one additional Venom maw with symbiote accessory as bonus item exclusively for collectors. The ultimate symbiote figure is striking fear into your unconventional Marvel display!"


  • Product Code: MMS590
  • Product Name: Venom
  • Height: Approximately 38 cm tall
  • Points of Articulations: 24
  • Special Features: Newly developed head sculpts with white eyes and sharp yellowish teeth, accurate facial expressions with detailed skin texture

The 1/6th scale Venom Collectible Figure specially features:

  • Authentic and detailed likeness of Venom in Venom
  • Newly developed head sculpts with white eyes and sharp yellowish teeth, accurate facial expressions with detailed skin texture
  • One (1) head sculpt with fanged mouth and three (3) interchangeable long protruding tongues
  • One (1) interchangeable grinning head sculpt
  • Approximately 38 cm tall
  • Newly developed specialized body with over 24 points of articulation
  • Made from vinyl material
  • Six (6) pieces of interchangeable hands including:
  • One (1) pair of fists
  • One (1) pair of attacking hands
  • One (1) finger pointing left hand
  • One (1) sword holding right hand


  • One (1) symbiote sickle right hand
  • One (1) symbiote attacking left hand
  • One (1) Riot's symbiote sword


  • Two (2) Venom with symbiote accessories (Venom maw and grinning head version) (with wire insulation; attachable to figure's back)
  • One (1) symbiote accessory (with wire insulation; attachable to figure's back)
  • Specially designed figure base with movie logo, character name plate and graphic card


  • 3D designed by Studio Hive
  • Painted by Lok Ho

Exclusive Bonus Accessory for Special Edition:

  • One (1) additional Venom maw with symbiote accessory (wire insulation; attachable to figure's back)

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