Wear the Tatooine Heat with RSVLTS Newest Set of Star Wars Shirts

San Diego Comic Con is here, and that means a week filled with surprises, reveals, exclusives, and much more. However, not all of the treats this week are hitting the con as RSVLTS has unveiled that a new button-up collection is here. We just saw that RSVLTS would be dishing out some new SDCC 2022 exclusive button-ups on at the con, and fans can check them out here. Those were not the only Star Wars shirts dropping as the Tatooine Collection has arrived. There will be five KUNUFLEX shirts in the collection showcasing the Twin Suns in all their glory and the stories that surround them. The collection will feature:

  • "The Crawl"
    • A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away. The crawl is an iconic piece of Star Wars history, and now Star Wars fans get to wear it. This elegant black shirt brings those words off the screen and into your wardrobe.
  • "The Cantina"
    • Your closet is now home to a wretched hive of scum and villainy with this gorgeous RSVLTS button. The Mod Eisley Cantina on Tatooine comes to life with a sweet portrait design showcasing all of the Rebels, Aliens, and scum in one place.
  • "A Droid Story"
    • This fun comic book-styled design brings back your favorite two droids R2-D2 and C-3PO as their A New Hope story comes to life. R2's journey to Tatooine to find Princess Leia is displayed in comfy fashion with a design fans won't want to miss.
  • "Rising Suns"
    • Witness the beautiful sunrise of the Twin Suns of Tatooine as RSVLTS brings it right to you. Whether it is day or night, all eyes will be on you as this sunset is never ending, just like your style.
  • "Greetings from Far, Far Away"
    • Reimagined Star Wars planet postcards come right to you with RSVLTS's final Star Wars Tatooine Collection of shirts. Hoth, Endor, Tatooine, and more iconic planet postcards arrive and are displayed in beautiful fashion, allowing any sightseeing experience to look as good as you.

Every time RSVLT dishes out a Star Wars collection, they absolutely knock it out of the park. The Tatooine Collection is a fun new set of shirts to showcase your love for Star Wars in incredible fashion. Each button-up is packed with some fun designs that will have even you staring down at. The Tatooine Collection is set to release today (Thursday 7/21) at 4 PM EST on RSVLTS.com and the RSVLTS app. If you are attending SDCC 2022, then this new line is available at the SDCC RSVLTS booth #2913-L right now. Be sure to snag up one of those SDCC exclusive shirts while you are at it too! May the Force Be with You. 

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