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The Next Batman #1 Spoilers
The Next Batman #1 is published today, for DC Future State, with its lead feature story featuring this new Batman revisiting some very familiar tropes, courtesy of 12 Years A Slave screenwriter John Ridley, Doom Patrol artist Nick Derington, colours by Tamra Bonvillian and letters by Clayton Cowles. Credit: DC Whether that be from The Dark Knight[...]
A Better Look Under The Next Batman's Cowl For DC Future State
But which of the brothers it is, that will have to wait for another time. A Better Look At The Next Batman For DC Future State in 2021 If it's Tim, he did shave that dodgy moustache to be The Next Batman… The Next Batman #1 by John Ridley and Nick Derington. Gotham City has always been dangerous—but now,[...]
Dan McDaid to Save Delay-Plagued Doom Patrol, Will Draw Long-Awaited Final Issue
Very few people remember this, but way back in the day, in the year 2016, emo rocker Gerard Way and comic book artist Nick Derington published a Doom Patrol at DC Comics, the crown jewel of a 1990s Vertigo nostalgia-fueled publishing line curated by Way called Young Animal Sadly, Way's curatorial skills were soon called[...]
Mister Miracle
Let that settle in for a second, that peculiar, confusing juxtaposition: that's Mister Miracle, and that's why this series is fast becoming a modern classic of comics with each issue. Mister Miracle #4 cover by Nick Derington I'd discussed before how Mister Miracle tackles powerful themes, too, such as depression and PTSD That continues here as Scott[...]
Ch-Ch-Changes: Do More Delays Spell You Know What For #YoungAnimal's Doom Patrol?
It's all very confusing, so we've adjusted the solicitations to make things clearer: DOOM PATROL #4 Written by GERARD WAY Art and cover by NICK DERINGTON Variant cover by PAUL RENTLER Retailers: This issue will ship with two covers Please see the order form for details. Everything is getting stranger and stranger for Casey Brinke The secrets she's learned about her[...]