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Black Cat #5 Review: Really Engaging Storytelling
For months, the Black Cat has been working alongside her mentor to pull off the biggest heist ever: robbing the impossible-to-penetrate vault of the New York Thieves' Guild, an offshoot of the larger group that serves as an organized manner to commit crime However, the conclusion to this long road in Black Cat #5 is surely[...]
A History Of "I Would Have Words With Thee" and Thor #10 Spoilers
Given the content of depowered mutants here, might this underline the Bleeding Cool speculation that The Trial will concern the Pretender, Wanda Maximoff and the way she is deminised by Krakoian mutants, being set up in The Way Of X? Could be. Children Of The Atom #2 But it's not a place for the Young X-Men, the[...]
Black Cat #4 Review: A Delightful Little Side Quest
This is not immediately relevant to the long-term storyline running through Black Cat #4. Black Cat #4 Cover Credit: Marvel Many years before, a young heiress was kidnapped and brainwashed She got the whole Manson Family treatment, becoming a villain, then being conditioned as a hero called the Queen Cat, all of which was not very noteworthy[...]
PrintingWatch: We Only Find Them When They're Dead #1 Fifth Print
Oh and Black Cat #2 from Marvel Comics is also getting a second printing, so they don't feel left out. WE ONLY FIND THEM WHEN THEYRE DEAD #1 5TH PTG BOOM! STUDIOS DEC208724 (W) Al Ewing (A/CA) Simone Di Meo * For fans of Decorum and Something is Killing the Children comes a new sci-fi epic from Al Ewing (Immortal[...]
Black Cat #2 Review: Signature Bravado and Relentless Daring
With a huge plan for a heist that could literally change the fate of the world, in Black Cat #2, Felicia Hardy has her signature bravado and relentless daring in hand as she dives face-first into the King In Black crossover The elements specific to her current incarnation and crew are stellar, but unfortunately, the[...]
Leaked Black Cat #3 Page Reveals Infinite Destinies for Marvel Comics
It's Black Cat time Infinite Destinies was a planned Marvel Comics crossover for the last summer that never happened, because of the shutdown It would have been made up of eight annuals, continuing a story between them, from one spotlighted character to another, and teaming established Marvel characters with more recently created characters And it[...]
Marvel Comics Teases The Future Of Black Cat
Today sees the return of The Black Cat to comic books, after a pandemic-related shutdown And Felicia Hardy returns, appropriately with a King In Black crossover But the comic also gives a look ahead to what may be coming after the current crossover with artist Nina Vakueva. And it all comes down to plans from her[...]
Marvel Legends Retro Black Cat Figure Up For Order Now
Marvel Legends collectors were greeted with a surprise this morning, as a new retro-carded Black Cat figure was put up for order by Hasbro Felicia comes on their Spider-Man retro cardback, which has been insanely popular this summer, and inspired by the old Toy Biz 90's figures She comes with her whip and an adorable[...]
Black Cat, Hulk, Doctor Doom/Iron Man, Namor Get King In Black Comics
We know that King In Black #1 by Donny Cates and Ryan Stegman is launching in December, and the final issue of Atlantis Attacks now ties into it. Black Cat, Hulk, Doctor Doom/Iron Man, Namor Get King In Black Comics Syfy has news of a new Namor series, King In Black: Namor #1 launching from Kurt Busiek,[...]
When Marvel Comics Foreshadowed The Future Of Star and Valkyrie
And this is the Foreshadow variant cover in question, drawn by Kris Anka. Marvel Comics Foreshadows the Future of Star and Black Cat. Which appears to show Felicia Hardy, the Black Cat, having stolen a certain gem – sorry, I mean, stone – with a certain Star trapped inside it We know that Felica Hardy is to[...]
Black Cat Joins Kotobukiya’s Woman of Marvel Statue Series
This time we are getting the first and law-breaking Black Cat from the world of Spider-Man The 1/10th statue stands roughly 6.5" and shows off Black Cat on a rooftop base The amazing craftsmanship on her and her costume gives her a beautiful realistic aspect to the statue Each statue will come with its own[...]
Black Cat #12 Review: The Series Ends (For Now) But What Comes Next?
Black Cat #12 concludes, at least for now, Jed MacKay and C.F Villa's take on Felicia Hardy As she does battle with Iron Man in this twisty and quippy finale, what does the future look like for Black Cat? Jed MacKay's ongoing series ends with Black Cat #12 Credit: Marvel Black Cat is a ton of fun as it[...]
Black Cat #12 Review: A True Delight To Read
Just so you can hit the ground running: Felicia Hardy, the "world-renowned jewel thief," doing business as The Black Cat, has broken into the corporate headquarters of Stark Unlimited Star Unlimited is the home of the billionaire superhero Iron Man), robbed him of tens of millions of dollars worth of stuff, and led him on[...]