All Loki Cosplayers Will Want To Pick Up Today's Original Sin #5.3 – Big Honking Final Page SPOILERS!


All viewers of The View will know that Thor is about to be reinvented as a female character.


This won't be a new thing to cosplayers, who have often portrayed Thor in a female fashion.


But far more common than female Thor, is female Loki.

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Which is perfectly natural. Tom Hiddleston in the Thor and Avengers movies made for an androgynous Loki rather than the wrinkled hideous man traditionally of the comic books – which was backed by the younger versions of Loki that have appeared in the comics of late.

And in the Norse legends, Loki was happy to switch genders, for the purpose of trickery.

Regarding the new comic book Loki, Agent Of Asgard, writer Al Ewing stated "Yes, Loki is bi and I'll be touching on that… He'll shift between genders occasionally as well."

But there hasn't been too much of that in the comic series so far. Issue 2 had him shapeshifting genders as a disguise, appearing as Trixie The Hacker.

But in the Original Sin spinoff? The final page of today's issue…  Original Sin #5.3: Thor & Loki: The Tenth Realm?

Image (22)An actual female Loki. And as female Lokis go… that's not very androgynous at all, is she?

Comics courtesy of Orbital Comics of London. Who, tomorrow have a special guest, the CBLDF's Charles Brownstein.

Thursday, August 14, entitled Legacy of Fear: The History of the Comics Code. We'll start at 7.30pm with some light refreshments, then hand over to Charles, so don't miss this wonderful opportunity to learn more about the history of the Comics Code and the CBLDF's role.

Lords of Infinity

And on Friday evening launching the Lords of Infinity exhibition, featuring the works of Cristian OrtizAndy Poyiadgi and James Harvey running until September 7th.

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