Amazing Spider-Man Annual #2 Review: Pretty Good

If you're looking to spend five dollars to read some very, very funny Spider-Man lines as he battles someone that (on paper) should be way out of his weight class, well, this is likely gonna get you right in the web-shooters. If you're looking for someone wielding an infinity stone as part of the "Infinite Destinies" lightweight crossover, sure, we've got some of that. If you're looking for the new character Star to become a thing, you're probably still waiting for "fetch" to happen, and you'll likely be just as unfulfilled.

Amazing Spider-Man Annual #2 Review: Pretty Good
Amazing Spider-Man Annual #2 Cover. Credit: Marvel

Star, in a move that makes sense, goes to therapy … but then loses it and starts causing all kinds of reality-bending but ultimately short-lived shenanigans. If you look at the raw stats and the Boys-worthy character design, Star should be a threat on the level of a Count Nefaria or a Magus, but she's a hopped-up Impossible Man with a body count on her hands. Even she has a hard time taking herself seriously, so when she runs through Queens getting the attention of a certain friendly neighborhood wall-crawler, he literally makes fun of her. Legit, a whole lot of this book is him absolutely literally making jokes at her expense or trying to counsel her on her terrible life choices. To be honest, that's all pretty good. Likewise, he spends a while investigating what's happening, and as he eliminates possible suspects, even that's funny.

The artwork from Eleonora Carlini, Erick Arcienega, and Joe Caramagna presents Star as a cartoonishly offbeat problem, like a chainsaw painted pink. Their work with Spider-Man, though, is top-notch, as he outlines what people don't get about web-slinging or even as he has a contemplative moment in a graveyard. There's a montage with that bit that's also a great, clever way of telling the story.

We should probably brush on what happened in the backup story, which makes the very, very bad choice of picking up a thread from the horrible recent Heroes Reborn crossover and dragging the new Nick Fury into it. That's … the less said about it, the better.

If this creative team gets signed up for a Spider-Man book, it's gonna be fun. However, Star — as in most of her previous appearances — is far too uneven in tone, going from the "nerd" and outcast who looks like a catwalk star to, well, murder. It's almost like Gwenpool, but less endearing. That cognitive dissonance was enough to take this from being a "must-have" to a "nice to have." RATING: HONORABLE MENTION.

Amazing Spider-Man Annual #2
By Karla Pacheco, Eleonora Carlini
SPIDER-MAN VS. STAR! The next can't-miss installment of the 'Infinite Destinies' saga is here! Spider-Man thinks he knows reality warpers – but he's never met Ripley Ryan. Mass murderer and occasional Thunderbolt, Star is still searching for her own path and the power to shape her future however she wants. But can the wielder of the Reality Stone really go up against a hero who's fought gods?! Find out here – and get the next piece of the Infinity Stone puzzle! ALSO IN THIS ISSUE: Part 4 (of 8) of 'Infinite Fury'!

Amazing Spider-Man Annual #2

Amazing Spider-Man Annual #2 Review: Pretty Good
Review by Hannibal Tabu

Things are getting weird in Queens and Spider-Man tracks the weirdness back to a whiny, self-indulgent outcast who’s become a walking weapon of mass destruction.

Akira Yoshida, Sarah Brunstad

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