Riverdale #3 Review: Their Ambitions Are Anything But Small

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With Riverdale on break until next season, I am doing anything I can to fill that void in my life. This includes seeing the cast at cons, watching the show on Netflix (and truthfully, nothing else), and reading the ongoing Riverdale comic series written by Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa, James DeWille, and James Ewing, with art by Joe Eisma, Thomas Pitilli, Andre Szymanowicz, Janice Chiang, and John Workman.

Riverdale #3 opens with Veronica practicing with The Pussycats. The gang goes out after practice, despite Veronica wanting to go home. They cause a little mayhem, and act like all around badasses. This goes all well and good until a rival team — Venom — shows up.

The second story revolves around Betty and Jughead, working late on a Tuesday night. Things get weird when the Hashtag Queen Cheryl Blossom walks in on them begging for help. Her dramatic outfit and single tear drop are fabulous, and really capture what the show itself had done. They're trailing Mr. Blossom, but it's anyone's guess what they'll find (though if you watched the show, you know what happens).

This ongoing series is a real treat, and I hope Archie Comics doesn't cancel it or mess up the release schedule. It fleshes out these 75-year-old characters exceptionally well, and is a great addition to the television show. Nothing presented is out of the question or unlike what you would see in Riverdale — It's all fluid and makes sense.

Whether you got into Archie during the classic years or came on after Riverdale, this is a series to pick up. The art is dark and brooding, and the classic gang looks like their TV counterparts, which is fantastic and adds to the realness of Riverdale.

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