An Unkindness of Ravens #2 Review: Easily BOOM! Studios' Best Title

An Unkindness of Ravens #2
An Unkindness of Ravens #2 continues to establish this series by Dan Panosian and Marianna Ignazzi as BOOM! Studios' best comic.

An Unkindness of Ravens #1 was the best debut issue of 2020. Can writer Dan Panosian, artist Marianna Ignazzi, colorist Fabiana Mascolo, and letterer Mike Fiorentino keep up that same level of quality with their follow-up issue?

An Unkindness of Ravens #2 cover. Credit: BOOM! Studios
An Unkindness of Ravens #2 cover. Credit: BOOM! Studios

Yeah, it turns out they can.

An Unkindness of Ravens #2 is the first time in a while that I had to look back and count the pages I'd read in a comic, shocked to see that I'd already reached the end. The story, which sees Wilma enter her second day at a new school where she looks oddly similar to a missing girl, is enthralling. Keeping its supernatural elements understated and mysterious, An Unkindness of Ravens is a character drama first and foremost that feels like a mixture of The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina and Riverdale, minus the melodrama and cringe of the latter. So, essentially The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina and Veronica Mars.

Panosian's script is pitch-perfect, and yet Ignazzi still manages to steal the show. Her light but confident lines, the expressiveness of the characters, the way her work rides the line between cartoony stylization and realism — it's all a perfect match for this story. Panosian draws the intro, which, while entirely different in tone than the rest of the comic, creates a mystery in and of itself. How will these two disparate pieces connect?

An Unkindness of Ravens continues to be the full package. The story is terrific. The artwork is some of the best on shelves right now. The dialogue is excellent, and the characters, from Wilma down to the supporting cast, are memorable and engaging. 2020 has seen some good debuts, but it's rare that a comic is this good right out of the gate. Without any build and with no real reason other than the fact that they can, the An Unkindness of Ravens team is out here creating an Eisner-worthy sleeper hit for BOOM! Studios.

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