Animosity Evolution #3 Review: That is a Scary Bat

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Octavia and Adam North work to find out who was behind Mya's black-market dealings. The bat requests protection in return for names. However, that turns sour quickly when a poison dart frog shows up, seemingly with the intent to take Mya out.

This leaves Octavia even more energized to discover who is behind the bat that almost killed her sisters.

Animosity: Evolution #3 cover by Eric Gapstur and Rob Schwager
Animosity: Evolution #3 cover by Eric Gapstur and Rob Schwager

It's interesting seeing how law enforcement works post the Awakening of Animosity. Humans and animals work together to solve crimes and keep order in Wintermute's city.

We get a lot more of Octavia, which is certainly appreciated. She is a very endearing character, and it helps that she is an adorable little rodent.

Keekirikee is actually pretty damn scary herself. If I saw a bat that large, I would sprint the other way. She's also very good at playing bad cop.

We get more of Adam North's character and how he functions in the city. Through him, we also learn more of Wintermute and how things are run.

Penelope the cow returns in the back half, and she is an endlessly lovable character in her own right.

Marguerite Bennett and Animosity really do have a direct line to my heart. This world and its characters are likable, layered, and completely enthralling.

As always, these elements are balanced with sudden and shocking brutality, giving the light moments more warmth and those dark moments more weight. Animosity giveth; Animosity taketh away.

Eric Gapstur's artwork is quite good. He makes the cute animals cuter and the terrifying animals more terrifying. He's quite good at having the animals convey visual emotion too, and that cannot be an easy task to tackle. Rob Schwager's colorwork continues to be excellent as well, and the resulting comic is quite visually appealing.

Animosity: Evolution #3 is another enjoyable venture into this world of talking animals. While the previous issue had more heart, this book is definitely more focused in its narrative. In any case, I definitely recommend it. Give it a read.

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