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Aquaman #38 cover by Stjepan Sejic
[rwp-review-recap id="0"] Aquaman has failed to slay Corum Rath, now fully powered by the eldritch Abyssal Dark Dolphin arrives to help, but her powers are greatly overshadowed by those of Rath and the Dark Finally, when all seems loss, Queen Mera and the armies of Xebel arrive to save Atlantis and its people The battle is[...]
Aquaman #37 cover by Stepjan Sejic
[rwp-review-recap id="0"] Aquaman now has his chance to end the reign of Corum Rath Murk makes one last attack that leaves Rath wounded, but Rath gives back to Murk even worse Aquaman retreats to save Murk's life, but that means giving up a chance to end this fight In the Silent School, Vulko, Dolphin, King Shark,[...]
Mera: Queen of Atlantis #4 cover by Nicola Scott and Romulo Fajardo Jr.
If they survive, they will still have to convince Nereus and Xebel to aid them in their fight to dethrone Corum Rath in Atlantis Back on land, Tula and Erin discuss the odds that Orm Marius will fulfill his promise to return to dry land to be a family with Erin and Tommy instead of[...]
Aquaman #36 cover by Howard Porter and Hi-Fi
[rwp-review-recap id="0"] Murk and Aquaman sneak into the Atlantean palace to finally depose King Corum Rath However, neither knows what Rath has become through the power of the Abyssal Dark In the Silent School's library, Mother Cetea, Vulko, Ondine, Dolphin, and King Shark search for some magical way to stop Rath's new powers. Aquaman #36 cover by[...]
Aquaman #35 cover by Howard Porter and Hi-Fi
[rwp-review-recap id="0"] The Elders of Atlantis finally begin to turn on King Corum Rath The Undercurrent, led by King Shark and Jurok Byss fight the Drift down in the Ninth Tride The transformed Cadaver spreads his new diseased form to the Drift, and this begins to turn the tide in the Ninth The Aquaman finally arrives[...]
Aquaman #34 cover by Andy Kubert and Alex Sinclair
[rwp-review-recap id="0"] Aquaman and the Undercurrent have brought down the Crown of Thornes, but the regime of King Corum Rath is not over Rath intends to retaliate, and we are granted a look into his childhood and the events that made Rath the man he is now Plus, we see how his rule is being challenged[...]
Aquaman #32 cover by Stjepan Sejic
We also learn some of Mera's priorities in the same regard. This looks like it will be the final prelude issue before the big blowout war in Atlantis between the rebels and Corum Rath's forces, which is exciting and welcome. I say that, but I am genuinely impressed with how well Dan Abnett has paced this story[...]
Top DC Comics of 2017 #2: Aquaman #31 by Dan Abnett and Riccardo Federico
Aquman has had a lengthy yet consistently compelling runnign story with "Underworld," which has consisted of Arthur, Mera, and Dolphin attempting to liberate Atlantis from the tyrannical Corum Rath, a nationalistic and bigoted ruler who has been abusing the old magics of the undersea kingdom. This story has begun to reach its crescendo with Aquaman #31 by Dan Abnett and Riccardo Federico,[...]
Aquaman #31 Review: Long Live the Revolution
The gangs of the Ninth Tride are at war, and their kind is being hunted by Corum Rath's regime If Aquaman can unite them, the Undercurrent would have more muscle to throw against the tyrannical king. Aquaman #31 cover by Stepjan Sejic Aquaman gets points right out the gate for highlighting what a nationalistic populist will do[...]
Aquaman #30 cover by Stepjan Sejic
He leads the Undercurrent, and their goal is to overthrow King Corum Rath. The Undercurrent attacks one of the royal armories, but they find themselves severely outgunned Thankfully, someone has been watching them and supports their cause. Elsewhere, Mera struggles now that she has found her way into Atlantis, and she runs across a crime lord on[...]
Aquaman #29 Review: What Will Become Of Aquaman?
The story of Corum Rath's tyranny and the dominance of Atlantis' fundamentalism will likely extend beyond "Underworld." It currently looks to be a stage of a larger story about Rath and Atlantis. Aquaman's character gets pushed forward in an interesting way by Dolphin, and he gets a little bit of his spark back It is genuinely[...]
'Aquaman' #28 Review: Those Are Some Spooky Ghosts
This hasn't escaped Corum Rath's attention though. Pieces are falling into place, and the fate of Atlantis will soon be decided With compelling lead characters and a great plot, Dan Abnett and Stepjan Sejic have put together another great issue of Aquaman. Aquaman #28 art by Stepjan Sejic Corum Rath and his fundamentalist regime have turned into a[...]
Aquaman #26 Review: The King Continues To Rock
[rwp-review-recap id="0"] Still on the run from the Corum Rath-controlled Drift, Aquaman and Dolphin have to make the decision to stand and fight After holding their own for a bit, Dolphin leads Arthur to a hideout deep within the Ninth Tride. However, the criminal underworld of Atlantis still hunts Aquaman and Dolphin. Mera, furious at what has happened[...]
Aquaman #25 Review: A Tense Story Aided By Incredible Art
[rwp-review-recap id="0"] Aquaman, hot off the heels of the usurpation of his throne and the brutal betrayal of Murk, has lost his throne to Corum Rath The Crown of Thorns still encapsulates Atlantis No one gets in; no one gets out Rath hunts down mutants, foreigners, and dissidents throughout the undersea kingdom. The Ninth Tride is the[...]