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Avengers Free Comic Book Day Sets Up Avengers #50 Loki Variants Event

Free Comic Book Day Avengers/Hulk is out today for Free Comic Book Day, August 14th, so we can afford to be a little more spoilery. It consolidates Jason Aaron's Avengers series heading to Avengers #50. And, just like the movies and the TV shows right now, it's all about the Multiverse, as portrayed by Iban Coello. 

FCBD Avengrs Spoilers

As we are introduced to the God Quarry, a dumping pit for the Multiverse, introduced by Jeff Lemire in his Thanos series but now bearing some similarity to the Void in the recent Loki TV series. And now also a place for an ultimate version of the Avengers, formed from the constituent parts of a myriad of multiverse versions of the Avengers, and always building an Avengers Tower.

FCBD Avengrs Spoilers

With the Avenger Prime acting a little like the Time Variance Authority or even The Omniversal Majestrix from Captain Britain. But this is Avenger Prime, at the end of time, at the end of reality, keeping The Whole Sort Of General Mish-Mash together.

FCBD Avengrs Spoilers

With an army of variant Deathloks to do their bidding, cyborgs designed to survive the interdimensional space and time jumps. Is this the true destiny of all Deathloks?

FCBD Avengrs Spoilers

But it seems that someone is messing with time within these dimensions and places expected to exist do not. And the intervention happened a million years ago.

FCBD Avengers Spoilers

Which has to mean the Avengers 1,000,000 BC. And the big reveal and tease going forward for the Avengers confirms that, as we meet the young Thanos that Mephisto influenced to attack Earth and form that very first Avengers team. Alongside the Black Skull mashup of Red Skull and Venom from the Heroes Reborn universe created in homage to Mephisto. And other variants we have yet to meet besides, including a Goblin Rider and a Hound Wolverine and possibly the skin-suit-wearing Doctor Doom variant from Mark Waid's FF? Given that the Loki TV series emphasised the idea of Variants, and he's been heavily involved as well, with expectations for Doctor Strange and Spider-Man movies. It seems that this is where Jason Aaron is going as well.

FCBD Avengrs Spoilers

Everyone loves a Multiverse, don't they? Don't they? Free Comic Book Day Avengers/Hulk 2021 will be available as part of Free Comic Book Day, today, the 14th of August. Odds are your comic shop will have a copy or two.

(W) Donny Cates, Jason Aaron (A) Ryan Ottley, Iban Coello
In a land beyond time, a shining tower stands, deploying its operatives across the Multiverse to hold against the encroaching darkness! Who is the mysterious Avenger Prime, and how will his advent impact on the past, the present, and the very future of the mighty Avengers?
Exclusive Original Material
Rating: Teen In Shops on Free Comic Book Day 2021

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