Bitch Planet Continues To Be Empowering With Issue #3

I was super excited to read this months issue of Bitch Planet, from Image Comics, written by Kelly Sue DeConnick, with art by guest artist Robert Wilson IV, not just because this comic has impressed me from moment of its release, but also because it focuses completely on main character, Penny Rolle. She has been one of my favorite characters in the first two issues. Even though she played a minor part in them, her scenes proved to be very memorable. In Bitch Planet #3, we are given the opportunity to take a look into Penny's past and the things that she experienced before coming to the Auxiliary Compliance Outpost. In between that, we are shown the present day and Penny's interaction with the "fathers" a.k.a. a number of men on different screens who think they know the way of the world.

tumblr_niteoog4Ad1qz6egko3_1280Weaving in an out of Penny's present day to her past provides an intense script. DeConnick's storyline for her is actually very inspiring. I felt quite empowered while reading the entire issue because of Penny's ability to stick to her own belief system. Penny being overweight is a common theme throughout the issue. The way she is viewed by society compared to the way she views herself is something that DeConnick focuses on. We get to witness a scene, which features Penny working in a bakery of sorts dealing with the common annoyance of certain customers. During this scene, we see "the feed" being played on a screen in the bakery, which displays two news reporters talking about how having a gastrointestinal parasite is a new fad diet popular among teens. This enrages Penny, and also made me very angry as a reader. However, it is an accurate depiction of how insane some of the diets that are promoted these days are.


I don't want to spoil how the issue ends, because the last page was such a powerful moment for me as a reader and you should experience that too. Guest artist, Robert Wilson IV's illustrations throughout the issue are fantastic, and capture that unique Bitch Planet feel that the past two issues have had. You truly feel transported to another place when reading. I mentioned in my review last month that there will be guest writer's essays at the end of each issue. Bitch Planet #3 features an essay by Megan Carpentier entitled Maybe Little Girls Are Really Made Of Sugar And Spice And Everything Nice, But Women Are Made Of Ifs. It is a brilliant, empowering piece of writing that you must read! I feel so enthusiastic by this entire world Kelly Sue DeConnick is bringing to us every month, and I can't wait to see where it goes from here.

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