Bloodshot Reborn – How Analog Man Leads To Bloodshot Island

The final issue of the Analog Man story arc hits this week with Bloodshot Reborn #`13. After the initial story line, The Analog Man took us 30 years into the future and introduced us to cities being run by X-O Manowar style sentries and Bloodshot living in a small community on the outskirts of society. It was a bleak, apocalyptic world. But he found an ally in his fight against the new regime. An older but still active Ninjak. They discover the source of everything is the Man in the Tower.

The story arc, where very good, left me wondering why we jumped 30 years into the future, especially with the announced Bloodshot Island arc seeming to take place now. Why wouldn't they just continue telling linear stories? Jeff Lemire answers that question in a surprising twist that seamlessly leads to the next story arc.

With that said, where I like how we flow out of the story, I don't know if it's a satisfactory ending. The Analog Man was a strong arc that in a way has the rug pulled out form under it. Once he reaches the tower, everything is given to him. I'd like to have seen him have to earn the answers a little more at the end.

Other than the mix feelings about the ending, I still recommend this book and the series. Lemire's writing is top notch and Lewis Larosa's art is stunning. This is one of my two favorite books from Valiant, the other being Ninjak.

Here is the synopsis and preview pages for Bloodshot Reborn #13

Written by Jeff Lemire Art by Lewis Larosa Covers by Ben Oliver, Jeffrey Veregge, Tula Lotay and Mike Choi

"THE ANALOG MAN" slams into a wreckage-strewn showdown that will shatter Bloodshot's world…or what's left of it…Los Angeles. Thirty years later. The new mystery at the center of America's post-apocalyptic future stands revealed when Bloodshot and Ninjak finally discover the identity of the Man in the White Tower. Who is he? Why does he ruthlessly rule over Los Angeles? And what is his connection to the silent army of X-O Manowar sentries that police this world, the strange Goo-tech that pervades it…and to even Bloodshot himself?


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