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Harbinger, Bloodshot & The Scumbag- More Creators With Payment Issues
This was followed by fellow Valiant alumni Lewis LaRosa adding a since-deleted subtweet about a non-Valiant problem He tweeted out a screencap of an article from Bleeding Cool that reported The Scumbag #1 by Rick Remender and LaRosa, published by Image Comics last year, as Rick Remender's biggest creator-owned launch ever He positioned this next to[...]
4 Thoughts About The Scumbag #1
Lewis LaRosa, currently of Bad Idea fame, penciled the issue. The Scumbag #1 cover Credit: Image Comics The Scumbag #1 is exactly as advertised Rick Remender & Co have a hoot creating a character that can be easily and quickly hated That character is Ernie Ray Clementine Ernie's a man who makes Reddit's Am I The Asshole[...]
Vin Diesel Bloodshot
Luckily, comic book artist Lewis LaRosa was ready to step in and pacify Diesel fast, before he became too furious, by drawing a commission of Diesel as Bloodshot. LaRosa posted the image to Twitter: https://twitter.com/lewislarosa/status/1001888619831930880 Does this image get you hyped for Bloodshot: The Movie? At last report, it was expected to begin filming in July, so for[...]
Toyo Harada cover
Notably, Joshua Dysart also wrote the more recent Harbinger title. Current Valiant-exclusive artist CAFU (Quantum and Woody, Superman, Black Panther) will be contributing the "present" art to the title, while Lewis Larosa, Adam Pollina, and Mico Suayan will be plying their pen to the flashback sequences[...]
Bloodshot Salvation #5 cover by Kenneth Rocafort
It's the kind of "hell yeah" comic book moment that could have DMX's "X Gonna Give it to Ya" playing in the background at full blast. Both Lewis LaRosa and Mico Suayan turn in some phenomenal work here LaRosa takes care of the opening sequence, and it is aptly dramatic He gives a lot of expression[...]
Bloodshot Salvation #3
[rwp-review-recap id="0"] Bloodshot Salvation #3 from Valiant by Jeff Lemire, Lewis LaRosa, Mico Suayan, Diego Rodriguez, Brian Reber and Simon Bowland continues the story of Bloodshot and his family as things fall apart. Bloodshot Salvation #3 cover by Kenneth Rocafort Bloodshot's partner, Magic, and their daughter Jessie have been on the run ever since his apparent death, and[...]
Bloodshot Is A Hardened Baltimore Oriole's Fan.
Next week is Baltimore Comic Con, my home con, and Valiant has released a look at their convention exclusive comic; Bloodshot Salvation #1 will be on sale during the con, and features Barry Kitson, Jeff Lemire, Lewis LaRosa,  and Mico Suayan The best thing about the comic though is Bloodshot's face This is obviously a man who's[...]
Bloodshot Has A New Thing To Fight For… A Family
Jeff Lemire and Lewis LaRosa are teaming up for a new on-going series, Bloodshot Salvation starting in September  Ray Garrison has reunited with Magic and started a family, but a bad things from her past will force Bloodshot into battle again And eight years in the future, Bloodshot's daughter, Jessie, is being hunted by a[...]
90 Valiant Digital Comics Available In New Humble Bundle
Plus, receive the Valiant Universe: The Role Playing Game Supplement and a Comicstorian Exclusive Valiant Video featuring the unstoppable Bloodshot and Valiant's premier superhero team, Unity! Submit $25 or more, and receive the X-O MANOWAR #1 VIRGIN ART VARIANT, signed by cover artist Lewis LaRosa (Punisher, Bloodshot Reborn) – Valiant's first-ever Humble Bundle physical reward  The[...]
Valiant's Savage Is Pop Culture Meets Land Of The Lost
It may be closest to Divinity in that it takes place far away from the rest of the Valiant Universe. The story from B.Clay Moore, Clayton Henry and Lewis LaRosa starts off with a young man taking on what appears to be a velociraptor… dinosaur names have changed a lot since I was in school, so[...]
First Look Inside Savage From Moore, Henry And LaRosa
Clay Moore (Hawaiian Dick) and artists Clayton Henry (Harbinger Wars) and Lewis LaRosa (Bloodshot Reborn) tells of two celebrities, a soccer star and his pregnant supermodel wife, that disappear without a trace They were believed dead but really crashed on an uncharted island filled with prehistoric creatures Now it's 15 years later… Savage #1 comes out November[...]
Bloodshot Reborn – How Analog Man Leads To Bloodshot Island
Lemire's writing is top notch and Lewis Larosa's art is stunning This is one of my two favorite books from Valiant, the other being Ninjak. Here is the synopsis and preview pages for Bloodshot Reborn #13 BLOODSHOT REBORN #13 Written by Jeff Lemire Art by Lewis Larosa Covers by Ben Oliver, Jeffrey Veregge, Tula Lotay and Mike Choi "THE ANALOG[...]
30 Years Can Even Make Bloodshot Obsolete
Valiant has sent out an advanced preview for their upcoming book, Bloodshot Reborn #12, the next chapter in the Analog Man storyline by Jeff Lemire and Lewis LaRosa. Thirty years from today, the world's most dangerous man now borders on obsolete… Does the hero once called Bloodshot have enough firepower left to bring order to a[...]
An Advanced Look At Bloodshot Reborn #12
Valiant has sent out an advanced look at Bloodshot Reborn #12, part of the Analog Man storyline from Jeff Lemire and Lewis LaRosa. Set 30 years into the future as Bloodshot and Ninjak lead an assault on the fortified ramparts of Los Angeles 2046 in search of the secret that transformed the world into a post-apocalyptic wasteland. Motivated[...]