Bryan Talbot Offers Free Comics Compilation Download

Legendary comics artist Bryan Talbot is offering a free download of his rare comics on his official website! This is a gift for everyone stuck in self-isolation.

Head over to and you can download a PDF or CBR file of over 90 pages of comics drawn by Bryan. It includes rare stories written by the likes of Alan Moore and Neil Gaiman as well as the first strips featuring Bryan's dimension-hopping character Luther Arkwright.


Bryan Talbot Offers Free Comics Compilation Download
Photo by Danacea

We'll let James speak for the website and the list of comics on offer.

Announcing the Bryan Talbot free comics compilation!

"As a little pick-me-up during the coronavirus lockdown, I asked Bryan if it would be OK to put together a downloadable version of all of the free comics I've published on the site over the years.

Bryan replied with "of course" – and promptly began sending over even more comics for me to include!

So, with the compliments of Bryan and myself, please feel free to download the Bryan Talbot free comics compilation – CBR version or the Bryan Talbot free comics compilation PDF version!

Inside is: (all comics written and drawn by Bryan unless otherwise stated)

  • Hasan i Sabah – coloured by Jim Stewart
  • Jabberwocky
  • Henry V's Speech before Harfleur
  • What is Corruption?
  • An Open Letter to a Comics Virgin
  • The Cannabis Conspriacy – written by Doug Moench and coloured by Jamie Grant
  • Brainworms – written by Matthias Schultheiss
  • Cold Snap – written by Alan Moore
  • Komix Comics
  • For a Few Gallons More – featuring Ogoth and Ugly Boot from the Ogoth the Barbarian strips, written by Mick Farren and drawn by Chris Welch
  • The Papist Affair
  • An Honest Answer – written by Neil Gaiman and lettered by Sonja Curtis
  • From Homogenous to Honey – written by Neil Gaiman, inks by Mark Buckingham and lettering by Steve Craddock.
  • Sloth – written by Neil Gaiman
  • The History of British Comics
  • Nick Cave – written by Nick Cave
  • The Fire Opal of Set

And the only downside to this is that now I will have to upload all of these comics to the site too! – I will work on that during the lockdown – but in the meantime, Bryan and I hope that these comics will help out with the cabin fever during your lockdown.

Stay safe everyone, and see you all at the comicshop when this is all over."

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