Hold Your Horses on Carmen Carnero's X-Corp

Earlier this morning, Bleeding Cool reported that Captain Marvel artist Carmen Nunez Carnero would be starting a new comic book called X-Corp in February as part of the Dawn of X line. Possibly with Leah Williams or Vita Ayala as writer.

This followed the word of a new Wolverine title as part of the second wave of Dawn Of X books from Marvel, showrun by Jonathan Hickman, as well as  Moira MacTaggert is getting her own  book.

Our source was impeccable, the letters page of Captain Marvel #11, out today, which has Carnero say goodbye to her readers and her editor Sarah Brunstad talked about X-Corp launching in February.

Turns out someone should have held their horses. Because I am told that a) Wolverine will be the only mutant title launching from Marvel Comics in February. And X-Corp will have to wait. For a start, Marvel Comics are using Carnero on a different project between the two gigs…

March maybe? April? I'm sure we'll find out at some point.

Hold Your Horses on


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