Dan Jurgens On Superman's New Definitive Timeline

With the new Action Comics #977, we get to see the results of the pre-Flashpoing Superman merging with the New 52 Superman. With the singular Man of Steel, we get a Clark Kent who has some foggy patches in his memory and some serious doubts. Writer Dan Jurgens talks about how Clark will begin to explore his new definitive timeline and seeing how his son, Johnathan, fits in to it. Meanwhile, a mysterious enemy is gathering together Superman's greatest foes. Jurgens says the figure is tired of fighting the Kryptonian one-on-one and wants to put a team together to take Superman down. The writer also addresses the voice heard in the Fortress of Solitude at the end of the episode. Jurgens says the voice belongs to someone that readers have a lot of questions about… and when they're done, readers will have even more questions.

About Dan Wickline

Has quietly been working at Bleeding Cool for over three years. He has written comics for Image, Top Cow, Shadowline, Avatar, IDW, Dynamite, Moonstone, Humanoids and Zenescope. He is the author of the Lucius Fogg series of novels and a published photographer.