DC Comics 2021 Spoilers: A New Name for Poison Ivy

DC Comics has had a Poison Ivy problem for a while.

There has been a division at the company between those who want to see her to return to the villain-with-a-point role. An ecological terrorist and maybe someone who has a thing for Batman, or who Batman may have a thing for. With a power base of using pheremones, to becoming a living plant, manipulating vegetation through the Green, she is seen as an antagonist of the DC Universe.

But then there are those at DC and Warners who see her as a queer righteous warrior, a protagonist who has been on a journey but is now an advocate for peace, for saving lives, and loving (but not exclusively) one Harley Quinn.

The push and pull has seen the character portrayed in in a relationship with Harley Quinn, only for that relationship to be straightwashed from the comics and merchandise – but also move to an all-but-marriage in the Harley Quinn TV show. With writer Sam Humphries forbidden to use her in his Harley Quinn comics or even talk about her, but editorial instruction over how she appears, ignored or contradicted by other creators.

It appears that some of staffers those who were against a protagonist Poison Ivy are no longer at DC Comics – or will be leaving soon. Indeed, there was almost an immediate editorial change on the DC website after those employment changes were announced internally. But it has left a few battle scars amongst those who are left regarding the character at DC Comics, especially faced with a virulent fanbase and cosplay community who have very strong ideas of how they want to see Poison Ivy.

DC Comics 2021 Spoilers: A New Name for Poison Ivy
Laura Braga art from Joker War Zone.

Bleeding Cool understands that we may see a halfway house for 2021. A major Poison Ivy storyline outside of the main Batman book. Maybe even having her own comic book – but this is no peace-loving Poison Ivy, this is an committed powerful activist who will kill when necessary – or when angered. Oh, and a new name for the character as well. Forget Poison Ivy – welcome to Queen Ivy.

Now, the plant known as queen ivy, or Epipremnum aureumis, is also known as devil's ivy because it is almost impossible to kill and it stays green even when kept in the dark. It also has a reputation for causing severe ecological damage in some cases.  It rarely flowers without artificial hormone supplements, the last known spontaneous flowering was reported in 1964. And it is commonly known as a money plant in many parts of the Indian subcontinent.

I suspect that DC Comics will hope that the new Queen Ivy may be quite the money maker for them. Let's see if she gets a mention this weekend as part of DC Fandome – aside from the copious cosplay. Keep an eye on the DCComics2021 tag on Bleeding Cool over the next couple of days for more.

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