DC New 52 Continues To Be Reconstructed In Batman #26

Today's latest issue of Batman is the second part of the big Batman event, The War of Jokes and Riddles by Tom King, Mikel Janín and June Chung. However, it also seems to continue another thing that has been noticed in DC books since Rebirth.

Now DC is not unknown for making changes to their continuity, but usually it's part of massive full continuity reboots. Not so much so lately.

Rather in a number of their titles, perhaps most notably the Superman and Titans titles, we have noticed elements of DC's New 52 continuity getting little tweaks and alterations, often to fit returning characters into it or explain changes in direction.

Well, this scene towards the end of the issue (don't worry, it's not really spoilers so much) seems to suggest now Batman is getting in on the revisionist action.


In case you can't quite read those captions, the first says, "A year had passed since I'd put on the cowl", and then the seventh caption reads, "I was a member of the Justice League".

Now, when the New 52 began with Justice League #1, we saw the team coming together after for the first time to face Darkseid. For many of the heroes on the team, it was suggested that the events took place roughly one year since they started their heroic careers, before jumping five years to the 'modern day' of the DC Universe.

However, Batman was supposed to be a bit of different from the rest as it was suggested that he'd already been operating in some way for around five years before the formation of the League. This was in part to make sense of the fact that Batman still had had three Robins (Dick Grayson, Jason Todd, and Damian Wayne), the most recent of which was in fact his ten year old (at that point) son. Oh, and for anyone wondering where Tim Drake is in this list, in the New 52 Drake was never Robin, he jumped straight into Red Robin.

I mean, if you think about it it still didn't quite work, but it was an attempt.

Well, now it seems that Batman became a member of the Justice League in just his second year of donning the pointy ears of crime-fighting.

I wonder where we'll find the next tweaks to DC continuity.


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