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Ed Piskor's Red Room: Crypto Killaz in Fantagraphics May 2023 Solicits

Ed Piskor's horrific Red Room returns with blockchain and NFTs on its mind, in Red Room: Crypto Killaz #1, from Fantagraphics as part of their May 2023 solicits.

You've seen the YouTube channel, now buy the comic, Ed Piskor's horrific Red Room returns with blockchain and NFTs on its mind, in Red Room: Crypto Killaz #1, from Fantagraphics as part of their May 2023 solicits and solicitations. Which means this kind of chainsaw debauchery will be followed by Disney Ducks. As it should be.



(W) Ed Piskor (A / CA) Ed Piskor
The media won't leave Brianna Fairfield alone since her father was arrested and identified as the Steel City Cannibal. But what more sinister forces are also following her? Mistress Pentagram and the Red Room Players return in this all-new, four-issue miniseries from Ed Piskor (X-Men: Grand Design)! Splatterpunk never looked so good! As seen on YouTube's Cartoonist Kayfabe!
In Shops: May 24, 2023
SRP: 3.99


(W) Leonie Bischoff (A / CA) Leonie Bischoff
In lithe, sensuous colored pencils, this international
prize-winning, impressionistic graphic biography
traces the life, the affairs, and the artistic process of
Ana s Nin, one of the best-known authors of women's
erotica in the 1920s and '30s.
Ana s Nin, the author of works such as Delta of Venus and House
of Incest, is the patron saint of taboo-breaking pop culture sexual
iconoclasts. Not only is she an inspiration for contemporary figures
such as Madonna, but her oeuvre, which encompasses erotica,
autobiography, essays, short fiction, novels, and much more, has
been adapted into film (Henry and June), television (Little Bird),
and other media.
The cartoonist Léonie Bischoff traces the life of the prolific
writer in this lushly colored graphic novel. It begins with Nin struggling
to reconcile the man she married (who had artistic aspirations)
with the banker she finds herself living with in the Parisian
suburbs. Soon, her obsession with June Miller leads to inspiration. Nin's life and
art, the truth and fiction, are further intertwined as she recounts her many sexual
liaisons including those with Henry Miller (whom she and her husband subsidize
so he can write the controversial Tropic of Cancer), her psychoanalysts, and even
her father. Although Bischoff's drawing is largely representational, she occasionally
depicts Nin's sexual experiences in scenes as surreal as Nin's own written portrayal
of them.
In Shops: Jun 07, 2023
SRP: 29.99


(W) Marcello Quintanilha (A / CA) Marcello Quintanilha
A gripping story about a family pushed to the brink.
This English language debut was the 2022 "Fauve d'Or"
winner at the 2022 Angoulême Comics Festival.
Márcia is a nurse in a hospital near Rio and lives in a favela with her
boyfriend, Aluisio, and her daughter, Jaqueline, whom she had very
young with another man. Jaqueline, a troubled young adult, makes
life difficult for her mother and Aluisio and rebelliously hangs out
with members of a neighborhood gang, leading to violent altercations
between mother and daughter. The situation degenerates even
more when Jaqueline is arrested. Márcia and Aluisio, distraught,
realize that Jaqueline is in deeper trouble than they ever thought.
Marcello Quintanilha's first English-language graphic novel
is a tour de force – a tightly wound drama filled with masterful
suspense and a deep love for family and character.
Marcello Quintanilha was born in 1971 outside Rio de Janeiro. His first graphic
novel, Tungsteno, published in 2015, was adapted for film by director Heitor Dhalia.
He has lived in Barcelona since 2002.
In Shops: May 31, 2023
SRP: 29.99


(W) Maria Bamford (A / CA) Scott Marvel Cassidy
Fans of Maria Bamford's acclaimed quasi-autobiographical Lady Dynamite Netflix series already know of her romance with LA painter Scott Marvel Cassidy, as well as her droll pug sidekicks Blueberry and Bert. Now the story has been recounted in the graphic novella Hogbook and Lazer Eyes, written by Bamford/Cassidy, drawn by Cassidy, and all told by the rescue dogs they've adopted.
For those unfamiliar with the story, newly single fortysomethings Maria Bamford and Scott Cassidy each signed up on the dating site OkCupid, under the respective usernames "Hogbook" and "Lazer Eyes." They went on a date, and then another, and soon, despite a history of Bipolar II disorder and unhealthy relationships for each of them, they fell in love and were married in 2015. We view all of this through the prism of their pug housemates, including Blueberry and Bert (who has an unnatural obsession with Michael Flatley of "Riverdance" fame), and the elderly bonded pair Betty and Arnold (who recount their star turn as interplanetary canine scientists in the second season of Lady Dynamite).
Cassidy's fine art training translates with ease into graphic storytelling, with a naturalistic illustrative style that is a pitch-perfect match for Bamford's comic timing, making Hogbook and Lazer Eyes a beautifully illustrated love story, told by some incredibly charming pugs.
Scott Marvel Cassidy is a graduate of the Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts whose work has been exhibited in New York, Los Angeles, Philadelphia, and elsewhere.
Maria Bamford is a writer, actor, and stand-up comedian. They live in Los Angeles, CA.
In Shops: Jul 05, 2023
SRP: 19.99


(W) Daria Tessler (A / CA) Daria Tessler
An absurdist, psychedelic crime fantasy / graphic
novella from an acclaimed artist and printmaker.
The Astounding Magnus has been hypnotizing audiences at the Feedbag
cocktail bar with his resplendent dancing dog act, Salome, and
her "Serpentine Dance of the Seven Veils." Yet despite his success, the
pearl of life has lost its luster for Magnus. He visits the psychologist, Dr.
Silkini, who promises to massage Magnus's id into a higher dimension:
the pearly gates of full life satisfaction. Meanwhile, Salome's
crowd-pleasing performances have attracted unwanted attention
from sinister forces who want to know the dog's secret.
Daria Tessler's new graphic novella, Salome's Last Dance, showcases
her phenomenal talent for incorporating elements of collage
and pen-and-ink illustration to create a beautifully phantasmagoric
experience under the guise of an absurdist, psychedelic fantasy
(including an extended visual tour de force depicting a hallucinogenic
tea trip), one that favorably compares to Yellow Submarine or
the comics of Jim Woodring. Tessler's rich ear for language and sharp sense of humor
also liven every inventively stunning page of Salome's Last Dance.
Born in Finland, Daria Tessler is a cartoonist and printmaker based in Portland,
OR. Her books include Cult of the Ibis, Loop of the Sun, and Music of Changes. She
also creates silkscreen prints, stationary, and more that can be found on her website
In Shops: May 10, 2023
SRP: 19.99


(W) Nuria Tamarit (A / CA) Nuria Tamarit
Princess Mononoke meets Jack London in this gritty,
ecofeminist adventure.
Fleeing the fires of her war-torn homeland, a young woman travels
to the New World in search of gold to rebuild her life. In this strange,
lawless land, Joana encounters friends (the kind Native women Tala
and Opa), foes (the cruel gold hunter Matwei and his men), and an
unexpected traveling companion who may just be her good luck
charm – and amidst the icy reaches of the wilderness, a fearsome
fantastical beast lurks in the shadows.
The English debut of Spanish cartoonist and illustrator N ria
Tamarit, Daughters of Snow and Cinders conjures the awesome natural
beauty of the frozen north in vibrant color. A rugged adventure
story with two strong young women at its heart, this graphic novel
offers a poignant message about the urgent need for humanity to
overcome our greed and base impulses to be good stewards of the
world in which we live and depend on.
N ria Tamarit is an illustrator and comic artist based in Valencia. Her graphic world
is marked by fantastical elements, voluptuous plant forms, dreamy creatures, and
powerful female characters. Her previous books include Two Coins (Dos Monedas,
2019, winner of the first València Graphic Novel Award), Giantess (Géante, 2020, with
Jean-Christophe Deveney), and Season of the Witch (2020, with Matt Ralphs.
In Shops: May 10, 2023
SRP: 29.99


(W) Justin Gradin (A / CA) Justin Gradin
Justin Gradin's stunning debut graphic novel Mystic Debris and its cast of quixotics exist in a comics continuum with Gary Panter's Jimbo, Mark Beyer's Amy and Jordan, and Marc Bell's Shrimpy and Paul. Whizbang is a metalhead whose band, Fascinator, has left him for stardom. His wife, Planchette, has left with their newborn baby. He leaves himself for a shimmy up the astral projector stripper pole, to hang with cosmic dust bunnies in a quest for enlightenment, or at least in a quest to avoid a job at the door factory.
In Shops: May 31, 2023
SRP: 39.99


(W) Daan Jippes, Laura McCreary (A) Daan Jippes
Pour a bowl of cereal and dig into a nostalgic comics
tribute to Disney's One Saturday Morning!
From Disney Adventures and its sister magazines come classic
comics based on your favorite 1990s Saturday morning cartoon
block! See sideways schoolkids Doug and Pepper Ann navigate the
halls of tween angst-while sneaky Spinelli of Recess is always up
to tricks! Join Buzz Lightyear of Star Command and Mira Nova for
big space battles. Then return to the Hundred Acre Wood for The
New Adventures of Winnie the Pooh… and hit Mouseton for Mickey,
Goofy, and (hot-cha-cha!) Mortimer in Mickey MouseWorks! Even
the Emmy-Award-winning Teacher's Pet is back in comics… back
in print for the first time in decades!
Daan Jippes (b. 1945), an internationally beloved Duck artist, lives in the Netherlands.
Laura McCreary is a writer and producer best known for her work on American Dad
and Brooklyn Nine-Nine. Scott Gimple is a writer and showrunner best known for
his work on Pepper Ann and The Walking Dead.
In Shops: May 17, 2023
SRP: 29.99


(W) Bobbi J. G. Weiss, Michael T. Gilbert, Lee Nordling
Can't you feel the buzz? TaleSpin, Darkwing Duck,
DuckTales, and Chip 'n' Dale Rescue Rangers are
back – with more epic 1990s adventure comics spun off
of beloved Disney Afternoon TV cartoons!
From Disney Adventures and its sister comics magazines come more
feature-length blockbuster tales! In "Flight of the Sky-Raker," Baloo,
Don Karnage, and Shere Khan wage a midair battle over the world's
first voice-controlled plane! In "Dime After Dime," Magica de Spell's
clever niece Minima befriends trusting little Webby – should Scrooge
McDuck be scared? Then in "For the Love of Cheese," Chip 'n' Dale,
Gadget Hackwrench, and the gang join forces with Jacques De Brie, international
mouse of mystery! Plus Darkwing Duck, the Gummi Bears and more! "…Everybody's
busy, bringing you a Disney Afternoon!"
Pop culture writer and children's author Bobbi JG Weiss (TaleSpin) has written hundreds
of books and comics featuring Disney, Warner Bros., and DreamWorks properties.
Writer/artist Michael T. Gilbert (DuckTales) is beloved beyond his Disney
works for the sci-fi adventures of Mr. Monster. Longtime Disney writer Lee Nordling
(Adventures of the Gummi Bears) is a two-time Will Eisner Comics Industry Award
In Shops: Apr 26, 2023
SRP: 29.99


(W) Carl Barks, Daan Jippes (A) Daan Jippes, Carl Barks
The secret of Ali Baba's hidden treasure, the return of
Magica de Spell – and a rare story never before seen in
the U.S.!
"You can't depend on anything in Persia being what it seems!" warns
Uncle Scrooge. But when he, Donald, and the nephews are approached
by a wayward archaeologist bearing fragile clay tablets that point the
way to Ali Baba's lost cave, the hunt is on for the most fabulous treasure
of the ancient world! And Scrooge will soon discover how true his
words really are! Then, Scrooge shields his Money Bin in an indestructible
glass that defies the efforts of Magica de Spell and the Beagle Boys to crack it.
What could possibly go wrong? Plus: the oddball inventions of the ever-eccentric
Gyro Gearloose! Additionally, we're proud to present a rare story started by Carl
Barks and completed by internationally acclaimed Duck artist Daan Jippes, never
before published in the U.S. – "The Pied Piper of Duckburg."
Carl Barks delivers another wildly imaginative collection of outrageous adventures,
laugh-out-loud comedy, and all-around comic book brilliance. Each page is
meticulously restored and newly colored, with insightful story notes by an international
panel of Barks experts.
Carl Barks (1901-2000) entertained millions around the world with his timeless tales
of Donald Duck and Uncle Scrooge. One of the most brilliant cartoonists of the 20th
century, he is a Disney Legend and has been inducted into the William Randolph
Hearst Cartoon Hall of Fame and the Will Eisner Comic Book Hall of Fame. Daan
Jippes (b. 1945), an internationally beloved Duck artist, lives in the Netherlands.
In Shops: May 31, 2023
SRP: 35

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