The Flash #49 Review: Revealed! Both Flashes Are Faster Than Superman

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The Flash and the Flash are racing around the world at increasing speeds. Wally West wants to break into the Speed Force, believing that his children from another timeline are trapped within. Barry Allen isn't so sure and is worried that his protégé is repeating his own past mistakes that led to the Flashpoint. Meanwhile, the natural forces of the world are recoiling at this event, and Amanda Waller, Steve Trevor, and the Justice League are trying to get the situation under control.

The Flash #49 cover by Howard Porter and Hi-Fi
The Flash #49 cover by Howard Porter and Hi-Fi

This is another stronger issue for The Flash, giving Flash War a pretty momentous feeling. It's a race between Barry and Wally that is tearing apart the world while the other heroes can only helplessly watch. It's a decent climax to the conflict between the two Flashes that has been building up the past few issues.

The dialogue is alright too. It's not perfect, and the book repeats itself an inordinate amount. That said, what is exchanged between Wally and Barry feels like something people would actually say.

Also, the book definitively establishes that Superman is slower than both Wally and Barry. So, we can finally put that one to rest, right? Right.

The Flash #49 art by Howard Porter and Hi-Fi
The Flash #49 art by Howard Porter and Hi-Fi

Howard Porter's artwork is more consistent in this issue too. Last issue had a few awkward medium distance panels that had heroes with larger heads and smaller bodies. That doesn't happen here, and the speed factor is played with creatively many times. You have lightning, debris, and wind ripping past Wally and Barry as they duel around the world. Hi-Fi gives a dynamic color palette that contrasts well and jumps off the page. This book looks pretty darn good.

Flash #49 is another strong issue for the troubled series of the Scarlet Speedster, even if it is still flawed. However, the tension is there, the dialogue is better, and the story is genuinely compelling. Porter and Hi-Fi make this issue look better too, and the final product comes with a recommendation from yours truly. Feel free to check it out.

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